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The Philadelphia Foundation (TPF) spent 2016 engaged in thoughtful strategy and business planning to guide our future service to the people of Greater Philadelphia. The result is an ambitious Second Century Strategy, recently approved by our Board of Managers, which we are pleased and privileged to share with you.

Our strategy is grounded in community — what it needs and wants for today and tomorrow, what resources can be brought to bear to make it stronger. Our strategy is also shaped by the values we hold close, including excellence, diversity, equity and results. We will endeavor to use all of the tools at TPF’s disposal to positively impact the well-being of Greater Philadelphia and to grow effective philanthropy here.

Community foundations were created a century ago to collect and invest donated funds, using them to improve the lives of residents in designated locations through changing times. Almost 98 years old, TPF has fostered a legacy of trust and accomplishment of which we are proud stewards. But like our founders, we realize that changing times demand new perspectives and new approaches.

We live and work in a community of contrasts: great wealth and extreme poverty, tremendous talent and too much unrealized potential, enviable advantages and big challenges. These conditions mean that the relatively low profile, limited impact and modest size that have influenced TPF in the past must give way to a bolder and more proactive organization with the capacity to help shape the future. In similar environments, community foundations around the country have already stepped up to grow their assets and take on civic leadership roles to help their communities be the best they can be. TPF is committed to doing this, too.

To formulate our plan, we reached out and listened to a wide range of stakeholders and experts in business, academia, social welfare and the arts, for candid feedback, smart advice and fresh ideas. We studied the local philanthropic and financial landscapes, as well as every aspect of our own operation. We learned from peers and competitors, current donors and prospects.

In the next few pages you will read about the big picture goals, tenets and strategies that form the framework of our new direction, and how these concepts will affect how we operate. Transformative work takes time, but we already have begun and will keep moving forward. TPF’s leadership and staff are energized and pledge to do all we can to realize our vision because we love Greater Philadelphia and want everyone and every place here to thrive.

That said, we are very clear that The Philadelphia Foundation belongs to and exists for the benefit of our entire community. We need you — our fellow Philadelphians and supporters — to get behind the plan to invest in and partner with The Philadelphia Foundation. With our colleagues, we welcome your support and participation as we join together in the journey to a brighter future for our region.

Pedro A Ramos, President and CEO

Anthony J. Conti, Chair, Board of Managers

The Strategic Framework


To increase effective philanthropic investment in the Greater Philadelphia community by galvanizing and connecting individuals and institutions across sectors and geography to combine resources and take actions that will foster the economic, civic and social vitality of Greater Philadelphia.


A vibrant metropolitan region where opportunities, prosperity and public assets are shared by all residents.


TPF will become a high-performing, highly visible and respected civic servant and a leader in the donor-driven market.

The Philadelphia Foundation is grateful to the William Penn Foundation for its generous support of the development of TPF’s Second Century Strategy.

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