Estate Planning: Ensuring Enduring Impact

Ben FranklinYou can practice smart generosity by creating a permanent charitable fund at The Philadelphia Foundation as part of your estate planning.

The Power of Endowment

The money you leave to The Philadelphia Foundation will be invested for long-term growth. We’re still managing funds that were part of Ben Franklin’s estate, and are distributing them – exactly as he stipulated – for vocational education.

How To Leave Money To Support What Matters To You

Designate The Philadelphia Foundation as a Beneficiary Donate Tangible Assets As Part Of Your Estate Planning Establish One of These
Leave a bequest through your will or trust Donate real estate A Charitable Gift Annuity
Designate The Foundation as the beneficiary of your IRA or 401K Donate valuables A Pooled Income Fund
Designate The Foundation as the beneficiary of your life insurance   A Charitable Lead Trust
    A Charitable Remainder Trust
    A Life Estate

We wanted any money that we have left to follow through with the things of interest to us through the years.”

- Brearly Karsch, Fund Co-Founder
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Assets you can use for planned giving

Many assets can be used for estate planning: part or all of your estate, appreciated securities, closely held stock, real estate or other personal real property.

To find the asset that works best for you, review What to Give.

Options to suit your goals

Depending on which mechanism you select for estate planning, you can

  • Allow your descendants to help guide future gifts made in your name.
  • Support a particular institution that you select or a broader area of interest (such as the arts or the environment.)
  • Establish a scholarship.
  • Provide flexible funding to address the region’s most pressing needs.
  • Read more about the funds you can establish »

The Repplier Society

People who have made provisions in their estate plans to create or add to a charitable fund at The Philadelphia Foundation become members of our Repplier Society.

They are invited to events open only to supporters of The Foundation.

Members can choose to be publicly acknowledged in their lifetime, or remain anonymous.

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