Charitable Remainder Trusts

Fixed or Variable Income Now, Support for A Cause Later

A Charitable Remainder Trust allows you to receive income for life or a set number of years, knowing that whatever remains will benefit the community.

When you establish a Charitable Remainder Trust at The Philadelphia Foundation, you receive an immediate tax deduction.

Your payments, your choice

You may receive a fixed income or payments that change with market conditions. Income from the Charitable Remainder Trust you establish may add up to more than interest and dividends earned from holding the assets.

Choose who receives income

You can use the payments to supplement your own lifestyle or that of someone else: a sibling, a dependent, parent, a friend or a former employee.

Income now, or later

You can start receiving annuity payments immediately, or defer them to increase the charitable income tax deduction.

Tax benefits

A portion of the income may be a tax-free return of principal, while some is taxed as ordinary income or capital gains. The amount of the annuity paid and the tax deduction received depend on the age of the recipient and the current annuity rate (as established by the Internal Revenue Service).

An attorney explains the benefits of Charitable Remainder Trusts.

Run a Gift Illustration with Fixed Income

Run a Gift Illustration with Variable Income

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