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A site visit is a personal tour of an organization’s location combined with a chance to meet and ask questions of the nonprofit’s leadership and staff. It allows you to see how the organization is run and to learn more about the programs and services it provides.

A member of The Philadelphia Foundation staff will join you at the location and introduce you to the organization’s personnel. Together, you will be able to ask the questions that will allow you to determine if the organization fits your funding interests.

Advantages of Going On A Site Visit

Perhaps you are new to grantmaking and are looking for a worthwhile organization to support. Or, maybe you already know what cause you want to address, but want to know more about organizations working in that particular field.

Either way, a site visit is a great opportunity to speak directly to those on the front lines of solving our region’s most pressing problems and offering highly valued community services.

If you are already supporting the organization, it’s a chance to see your grant dollars in action and to hear first-hand what a difference such support makes.

Meeting the staff makes you realize just how important your contribution is, and the impact your donation has.”

– Carolyn Vitriol, advisor to the Alpern-Vitriol Donor Advised Fund

A Donor’s Perspective

Wooden Boat FactoryLaurie Humphreys, an advisor to Harlon’s Fund, has made about a dozen site visits since the fund was established at TPF in 2009 in memory of her son.

At The Philadelphia Wooden Boat Factory, she toured the facility and met the staff and students participating in the boat-building program.
She’s also visited Pegasus Riding Academy, where she saw examples of how the organization uses the horse and its movement to enhance the quality of life for those with physical, developmental, intellectual and behavioral disabilities.

“I’m so grateful for these visits – it’s very satisfying for me to personally meet the nonprofits rather than just sending the check,” she noted.

To arrange a site visit, call 215-563-6417 or email us.
Please provide at least two weeks advance notice so we can coordinate schedules with the host organization.

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