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Community Impact Funds provide The Philadelphia Foundation with flexible resources to address our community’s most urgent needs, now and into the future. The Foundation’s Board of Managers Grantmaking Committee and our expert staff decide which nonprofits will be supported through these funds.

Arts and Culture Endowment Fund

Supports community-based arts and cultural organizations throughout the region.

  • Creativity
  • Visual Arts
  • Music
  • Heritage
  • Theatre
  • Dance
  • Cultural Awareness

Hands holding a violin in front of sheet music.The arts uplift us. They also allow us to express our understanding of each other. They permit us to conquer our fears and express our hopes while viewing life through a different perspective.

Our cultural heritage defines us in ways large and small, generating pride in the past that has made us who we are today.

Contributing to the Arts and Culture Endowment Fund helps ensure that the curtain goes up, the exhibit opens, the music is heard and that the next generation can continue to celebrate traditions based on ethnicity and heritage.

Celebrate talent and perpetuate traditions through an online donation to the
Arts and Culture Endowment Fund.

Basic Human Needs Fund

Supports organizations that meet such basic needs as food, clothing and shelter.

  • Groceries
  • Housing
  • Light
  • Heat
  • Transport to work, school and medical appointments

VegetablesMany times we lose sight of the vital needs in life and, instead, we focus on our wants. For too many people in Southeastern Pennsylvania, receiving the very basics of life is a daily struggle.

The Basic Human Needs Fund supports organizations that provide food, clothing, shelter, heat, electricity, transportation and other essential services to our neighbors in need.

This fund helps ensure that in a land of plenty and in a region built around the City of Brotherly Love, no one goes without what is vital to their very existence.

Supply food, housing, heat and light through an online donation to the
Basic Human Needs Fund.

Children, Youth and Families Fund

Supports organizations that improve the lives of children, youth and families.

  • Parenting Skills
  • Child Safety
  • Family Happiness
  • Stronger Relationships

A group of kids.Families -- including those facing economic stress -- need support. Some adults lack parenting skills due to their own upbringing and need to be taught.

The Children, Youth and Families Fund helps organizations that support the youngest members of our region by providing the family structure they need to grow and succeed.

This fund acknowledges that we all belong to a larger family and every child deserves no less than what we would provide to our own. It takes a community to raise a child!

Get kids off to a great start in life through an online donation to the
Children, Youth and Families Fund.

Community Emergency and Relief Fund

Supports organizations responding to unanticipated needs including those caused by natural disasters.

  • Fires
  • Tornadoes
  • Blizzards
  • Floods
  • Hurricanes
  • Crises
  • Power Outages

Firefighters fighting a fire.The uncertainty of the weather and the times in which we live requires being prepared for the worst case scenario. A natural or man-made disaster may strike our region at any time.

If services were affected, how could our region’s economy recover?

The Community Emergency and Relief Fund supports the urgent needs of nonprofits responding to unanticipated basic human and organizational needs.

Help Southeastern Pennsylvania be ready in case disaster strikes through on online donation to the Community Emergency and Relief Fund.

Community Health Fund

Supports organizations that improve the health and well-being of our region.

  • Nutrition
  • Preventive Care
  • Fitness
  • Strength
  • Recovery
  • Well-Being

A doctor's stethoscope.Good health makes almost everything else possible.

Maintaining good health includes learning appropriate habits necessary for a productive lifestyle. It also depends on access to preventive treatment and needed care. Support for those dealing with the bewilderment of new diagnoses is essential.

The Community Health Fund helps organizations that promote health and well-being for people living in our region.

Health is wealth. This fund provides the resources for wellness.

Support those who keep us fit and active through an online donation to the Community Health Fund.

Education Fund

Provides scholarships and supports educational institutions and other nonprofits that advance education.

  • Homework
  • Valedictorian
  • Scholarship
  • Graduation
  • Degree
  • Career

Students raising their hands in a classroom.No one is born knowing what they need to function in our society: they must be taught.

The Education Fund provides scholarships and supports educational institutions and other nonprofits that advance education at all levels.

Providing education means providing opportunity.

This fund supports preparation for our region’s next generation to succeed and to lead.

Make sure the next generation has the right answers and the critical thinking skills needed to solve tomorrow’s problems through an online donation to the Education Fund.

Older Adults Fund

Supports organizations that enhance and support the lives of older adults.

  • Healthcare Options
  • Accessibility
  • Life Skills
  • Remaining Independent

A senior couple.Aging has never been easy.  It’s especially challenging in tough economic times.

Our seniors are coping with so much:

  • Soaring health care costs
  • Savings that decreased when the world market plunged
  • Reduced financial support from family members unable to help due to their own unemployment
  • Isolation and loneliness based in geographic distance from relatives
  • Difficult access to reliable transportation.

The Older Adults Fund makes the transition of getting older a little smoother for all those who have paved the way.

Take care of those who once took care of you through an online donation to the Older Adults Fund.

Women and Girls Fund

Supports organizations that focus on improving the lives of our region's women and girls.

  • Mothers
  • Daughters
  • Sisters
  • Wives
  • Caregivers
  • Role Models

Women are nurturers, leaders, caretakers, providers, teachers -- and so much more. While many strides toward equality have been made, women still face their own unique set of challenges.

By helping girls, we create confident, prepared mothers who, in turn, empower their own children.

The Women and Girls Fund assists organizations that improve the lives of women and girls in our region. Support for this fund is a tribute to the women who have played such vital roles in our lives.

Support women for all that they do and are through an online donation to the Women and Girls Fund.

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