Donor Advised Fund

A Donor Advised Fund is a popular tool for ongoing involvement in giving.

It also is a cost-effective and time-saving alternative to a private foundation. Read more.

A Donor Advised Fund allows you to choose which nonprofits you’d like to support in keeping with the fund’s established purpose.

The most flexible option – which allows giving to a wide range of organizations – is a Donor Advised Fund set up for general charitable purposes.

Some fund-founders, though, make their fund’s purpose specific in order to focus their grant-making around established interests or to support nonprofits working toward a particular goal.

Sample Fund Agreement

View a sample agreement for an Endowed Donor Advised Fund.

View a sample agreement for a Non-Endowed Donor Advised Fund.

Emblematic Examples

Each year our Donor Advised Funds support a vast array of purposes, each reflecting the values of those who established the fund.

Anonymous DonorThe Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is Fund allows a donor to give anonymously to whatever cause moves her from year to year. Read more.

TruMark Logo The Building Financial Futures Fund enables TruMark Financial credit union to support the teaching of personal finance. Read more.

FamilyThe 40th Anniversary Fund, created to celebrate a wedding milestone, strengthens bonds by allowing family members to give together. Read more.

JulianaThe Julianna Hike Fund honors the memory of a vibrant young girl by supporting nonprofits that help grieving families. Read more.

Four GolfersThe Longest Day of Golf Fund fights cancer through contributions from an annual golf tournament.  Read more.

The Noah Jacob Cohen Fund supports a Newtown Township, Bucks County playground built in memory of an infant who died of SIDS. Read more.

Distribution Options

Your Donor Advised Fund can function as a charitable account that is spent and replenished according to your personal giving schedule.

Endowing your fund ensures that the impact you want to have becomes a reality not just today, but forever.

Dollars that are not distributed are invested, maximizing the impact of your charitable support.

Others can make tax-deductible contributions to your fund - by check or online - so that it can grow through outreach and fund-raising. (Some restrictions apply to protect the tax-exempt status of the fund.)

Family and Corporate Giving

A Donor Advised Fund can introduce younger family members to strategic donation decisions and perpetuate a tradition of family philanthropy.

Companies can easily and effectively manage their community philanthropy through a Donor Advised Fund.  

Our Advantage: Community Connections

We offer something not available from Donor Advised Funds offered by commercial institutions: strong ties to the region, including extensive knowledge of thousands of effective nonprofits.

Our service is personal, not transactional. We’ll help you research nonprofits addressing the causes you value, and will accompany you on visits to see your dollars in action.

You can attend our briefings on current issues facing our region and partner with us on grants to broaden your impact.

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