Field of Interest Fund

A Field of Interest Fund allows you to support a general area of interest, such as a specific population, geographic community or a particular field of endeavor in perpetuity.

This is a far-reaching way to make sure your favorite cause has ongoing support. A Field of Interest Fund can support emerging nonprofits addressing your interests, while the Foundation’s staff ensures these organizations are effective and match the purpose you intend.

Sample Fund Agreement

View a sample agreement for a Field of Interest Fund.

Emblematic Examples

Each year our Field of Interest Funds support a diverse range of purposes, perpetuating the interests of the fund-founders and contributing to our region’s quality of life.

Ben FranklinThe Benjamin Franklin City Trust Fund and The Benjamin Franklin State Trust Funds support vocational training, just as the Founding Father stipulated in his 1790 will. Read more.

Eugene and Margaret OrmandyThe Eugene and Margaret Ormandy Fund supports arts and cultural organizations. It was established in 1999 by the renowned Philadelphia Orchestra Conductor and his wife. Read more.

Mignonette V. WhelenThe Mignonette V. Whelen Fund sends poor children to the seashore or the country during the summer. A member of the “Four Hundred” who comprised the epitome of New York society during the Gilded Age established it through her 1905 will. Read more.

Israel Hect LogoThe Israel Hecht Fund carries on the work of a private foundation that was established in 1926 to furnish free coal to the poor. Read more.

Community Impact Funds

The Philadelphia Foundation has created its own set of Field of Interest Funds, which we call Community Impact Funds. These funds set aside financial resources to meet basic human needs, prepare for emergencies, promote health and assist specific populations including older adults. Read more about our Community Impact Funds.

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