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Each year our Scholarship Funds allow students to attend more than 150 K-12 schools, community colleges, Ivy League universities, graduate schools and schools that specialize in training artists, nurses, chefs and musicians.

Luther and Mary Ida VandrossThe Luther and Mary Ida Vandross Fund, sustained through royalties from the late R&B artist’s music, supports students attending historically African-American colleges and New York Theological Seminary. Read more.

GlaxoSmithKlineThe GlaxoSmithKline Opportunity Scholarship supports Philadelphia County residents who have overcome significant adversity, such as serious illness, sexual abuse, domestic violence and personal loss. Read more.

DeAnn WhiteThe DeAnn White Scholarship Fund memorializes a young woman who perished in the tragic collapse of Pier 34 in 2000, allowing others to study the communications field in which she excelled. Read more.

Richard A. AshThe Richard A. Ash Scholarship Fund carries on the legacy of a highly successful pioneering computer engineer who became an equally effective attorney so that he could work toward social justice. Read more.

Fraternity and Sorority CrestsAfrican-American sororities and fraternities provide scholarships through funds they have established with us. Read more.

Wally LoebThe Loeb Performing Arts Fund supports promising students in instrumental and vocal music, dance and theater. Read more.

Scholar Stories

Our scholarship recipients share how the funding is fueling their dreams.

Future  Veterinarian

Future College Administrator

Future Lawyer or Nonprofit Staffer

Future Computer Scientist

Future Psychologist

What Scholarship Recipients Want You To Know

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