Unrestricted Fund

An Unrestricted Fund allows The Philadelphia Foundation to address the community’s greatest needs. Grants are awarded upon recommendation of The Foundation’s professional staff and approval of the Board of Managers.

Many of the problems that make headlines today could not have been predicted even one generation ago. While we cannot foresee the future, we know that being able to respond to the situation – whatever it turns out to be – is crucial if our region is to sustain its current quality of life.

Sample Fund Agreement

View a sample agreement for an Unrestricted Fund.

Emblematic Examples

Each year the philanthropic resources made available through our Unrestricted Funds allow us to assist effective nonprofits in meeting local needs. We are grateful to those who have trusted us with this responsibility. These visionary fund-founders have provided a valuable source of community capital that will continue to do good works forever.

 Lucile B. WynkoopThe Lucile B. Wynkoop Fund was created in 2008 through the will of a longtime volunteer at Churchville Nature Center who supported numerous charities during her lifetime.

Ione Dugger VargusThe Ione Dugger Vargus Fund was established in 1993. It has supported an array of causes to date, and is part of the donor’s estate planning.

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