The Asian Mosaic Fund

Jo-Yu Jen and Mailee WalkerA Donor-Advised Fund

Established in 2010, this fund supports the Asian American community through a giving circle.

The Difference It Makes

Giving circles are an effective way for a connected group of individuals to raise money to support a particular cause.

The Asian Mosaic Fund, which supports the Asian American community in Philadelphia through a multigenerational giving circle, builds not just financial resources, but community connections.  

It started when Jo-Yu Chen and Mailee Walker sought an experienced partner for donors, as well as a mechanism for bringing emerging community leaders together.  

Individual contributions are maximized not just because they are pooled, but because they are partially matched through contributions from The Philadelphia Foundation and through Asian American Pacific Islanders in Philanthropy (AAPIP).

Multi-faceted Support

The Asian Mosaic Fund has supported a variety of organizations serving the Asian American community -- arts organizations, a community center and nonprofits helping crime victims, those with AIDS and those seeking to learn English. 

Our due diligence support enables circle members to verify effective nonprofits.

In this way, voting members of the circle each year can find different nonprofits to support, ensuring that their funding has a broad impact.

We chose The Philadelphia Foundation for its experience working with donors.”

– Jo-Yu Chen, National Association of Asian American Professionals (NAAAP)

The Power of Collaboration

Giving Circles LogoGiving circle members decide together what to support. They learn about the nature of the problem they are seeking to address as well as about effective organizations working in that field.

By setting up a Donor-Advised Fund at The Philadelphia Foundation, circle contributions are tax-exempt and invested for growth over time. Members can focus on networking and fund-raising, while we do the accounting, ensure compliance with IRS regulations and make sure the money fulfills its intended purpose.

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