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Donor FAQs

FAQ Spreads coverTo download a booklet that provides answers to common questions asked by donors, click here.

How often may I submit grant recommendations?

You may recommend a grant from your fund at any time. Provided there is sufficient grantmaking dollars in your account, we will begin our due diligence on the recommended charities immediately.

How long does it take to process my grant recommendation?

Typically 7 to 10 business days provided the organization is responsive in our request for information.

Is there a grant minimum?

Yes. $250 is the minimum grant award.

How do I recommend a grant before the end of the calendar year?

To allow us time to review and process your grants, please make sure your grant request is in by Nov. 29, 2012.

You can make a grant recommendation online: Access your fund at TPF.

You may fax a completed grant recommendation form to 215-563-6882.

You can email us or call 215-863-8134 to:

Remember, one advantage of a Donor Advised Fund at The Philadelphia Foundation is that, unlike a private foundation, there is no deadline to disburse a specified dollar amount by year’s end. We’re happy to process your grant recommendations at any point during the year.

May I recommend a grant to an organization where I am a member of the Board?

Yes, provided you are not receiving a personal benefit from the grant, you may recommend a grant to any nonprofit 501(c)(3) public charity.

May I recommend a grant in honor or in memory of someone?

Yes; please indicate that this is you intent on the grant recommendation form, and we will be happy to notify the organization of this request.

May I make a multi-year grant from my fund?

If it is your intent to make a multi-year grant from your fund, please contact Bia Vieira, Vice President for Philanthropic Services.

May I recommend a grant to an individual?

No. Due to current legislation around donor-advised grantmaking, no grant from a Donor-Advised Fund may be made to support a specific individual as in the case of scholarships. If it is your intent to use your fund to make scholarship awards, please contact us so that we can restructure your fund.

May I satisfy a current pledge to an organization with a grant from my fund?

No. The IRS is very clear that there may be no material restriction on Donor-Advised Funds that would require the fund to fulfill an existing pledge or commitment.

What if I want to do fundraising for my fund?

Anyone who is considering conducting a fundraising activity to benefit a fund of The Philadelphia Foundation is required to review the Fundraising Policy and receive approval from the Foundation well in advance of the activity. It is the responsibility of the donor or representative of the fund to understand and adhere to the Fundraising Policy.

Additional information is available on our Fundraising Policy page.

How can I add to my fund before the year-end tax deadline?

You can send us a check (postmarked by Dec. 31) or visit our Give Now page to contribute to your fund via credit card.

Read our 2013 Giving Timetable PDF for information on how to contribute more complex gifts, such as stock.

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