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Fund for Children

Young GirlThanks to contributions from the Philadelphia Eagles football and the Philadelphia Phillies baseball teams through a lease arrangement with the City of Philadelphia, The Philadelphia Foundation established the Fund for Children. The $2-million annual investment supports three Fund for Children programs aimed at improving the quality of life for the children of Philadelphia.

As of  January 2011, priority will be given to organizations able to demonstrate that at least 33% of those they serve or represent are low-income. The foundation will continue to give priority to nonprofits with operating budgets less than 5 million dollars.

  • The Strategic Investment in Youth (SIY) program distributes $700,000 in grant support annually to nonprofit youth organizations. Programs supported by SIY provide a wide range of activities for older youth, including community service projects, social and cultural history education, multi-media and arts projects and job readiness and life skills training, among others.
  • The Supporting Grants Program distributes $200,000 in grant support annually to help organizations that provide basic youth services and/or youth- development services.
  • Finally, YOUTHadelphia is the youth advisory committee of the Fund for Children. Comprised of a dozen high school students and adult coaches from a diverse set of Philadelphia neighborhoods, schools, and youth organizations, YOUTHadelphia engages youth in grantmaking activities, where they distribute $100,000 annually and develop leadership skills.

As of 2009, organizations cannot apply to both the Fund for Children and Foundation's regular discretionary grantmaking (Organizational Effectiveness and General Operating Support) within the same calendar year.

Organizations receiving discretionary grants in the form of Organizational Effectiveness, General Operating Support or Fund for Children grants in the form of SIY or Supporting grants are still eligible to apply to grants from YOUTHadelphia.

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