The Value of Strong Nonprofits

We target our general funding base to increase the effectiveness of nonprofits – to strengthen their leadership and staff, their operations and their long-term viability.

We do this because nonprofits benefit the entire community. They:

  • Provide the structure to address a cause, present a program, build a neighborhood or support a particular community.
  • Ensure the quality delivery of essential services, such as education and health care.
  • Help the corporate sector attract a qualified workforce by improving the region’s quality of life.
  • Lessen the burden on government and taxpayers to provide and pay for a wide range of human services.

Types of Support All Nonprofits Need

No matter how dedicated and visionary a particular nonprofit may be, no matter what its specific mission is, all nonprofits need:

  • An effective structure – for the staff, management and governing body.
  • Fiscally sound practices, day-in and day-out.
  • A strategic plan.
  • Practices that comply with tax and legal requirements.
  • The facilities, technology and equipment to function efficiently.
  • A leadership pipeline.
  • Long-term financial support through an endowment and planned giving program.

Services We Provide To Nonprofits

We build nonprofits through:

  • Grants that provide funding for structural improvements.
  • Building the endowments of nonprofits who have entrusted us with growing their long-term financial resources. More >
  • Workshops that enable nonprofit staff members to build their skills. More >
  • Convening nonprofits that share common interests and concerns.
  • Encouraging our fund holders and the community to sustain effective nonprofits with General Operating Support rather than money for specific programs, buildings or other restricted purposes.

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