The Philadelphia Foundation
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Investment Management & Fund Information

The Philadelphia Foundation manages its assets to achieve the objectives of its numerous funds and to ultimately benefit the community. The Foundation’s goal is to provide a competitive rate of return, taking into account the time the funds will be invested.

Funds are commingled for investment purposes to leverage economies and efficiencies of scale. In this way, a relatively modest-sized fund is exposed to a more broadly diversified asset allocation strategy and more sophisticated investment vehicles than might otherwise be possible.

The Foundation maintains five distinct investment pools to closely match projected grantmaking requirements with the appropriate investment horizon.

These pools fall into two categories, the endowed pool and four short-term pools.

The endowed pool has a perpetual investment horizon and adheres to a total return investment policy along with a spending policy set to maintain, and ideally increase, the purchasing power of the endowment, without putting the principal value of the assets at imprudent risk.

Short-term pools (used primarily for non-endowed Donor-Advised Funds) are those in which both the principal and income is expected to be used for grantmaking over varying lengths of time. The investment horizons and asset allocations for these pools are detailed in the investment policy for these funds.

In addition to the pools established by the Foundation itself, and which are managed by the Foundation’s own corporate trustee entity, TPF, Inc. the Foundation maintains trustee relationships with the following financial institutions: Wachovia/Wells Fargo, PNC, Glenmede, Mellon, Pitcairn Trust, and Bryn Mawr Trust.

Fund Information

Each established fund is assigned to an investment pool and managed as described above and tracked individually.  Balance sheets are available for each fund showing: 

 Historical Gift Value 
 Investment Income (dividends, interest income, etc.)
 Realized Gains/Losses
 Unrealized Gains/Losses
 Trustee Fees
 Other Expenses

Fund statements are prepared and made available quarterly to authorized representatives of each fund.

The official registration and financial information of The Philadelphia Foundation may be obtained from the Pennsylvania Department of State by calling toll-free, within Pennsylvania, 1-800-732-0999. Registration does not imply endorsement.

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