Investment Oversight At the Philadelphia Foundation

Our system of checks and balances includes a multi-pronged approach to investment oversight.

Independent Investment Consultant

  • Day-to-day review of fund performance is managed by an expert independent consultant -- a specialist in generating long-term growth.
  • The consultant’s performance is overseen by the Investment Committee of our Board of Managers.

Our Board of Managers Investment Committee

  • Makes investment decisions after review of recommendations from the independent investment consultant.
  • Comprised of members of our Board of Managers and non-board members with investment expertise
  • Meets at least quarterly

Our Board of Managers

  • Establishes policies that guide investment strategy
  • Includes three members appointed by the Presidents of the trustee banks at which the funds are deposited.

Independent Audit

  • Annual review of all fund accounts by an independent accountant
  • Audit results publicly available for review through Guidestar

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