Investment Policies

All policies are reviewed and approved by The Philadelphia Foundation’s Board of Managers.

Policies By Fund Type


Spending Policy By Fund Type

The Spending Policy determines the amount that Endowed Funds have available to distribute each year. It is reviewed, administered and annually approved by the Board of Managers of The Philadelphia Foundation.

  • The amount is calculated on Sept. 30 each year, based on the average market value of endowment funds for 20 quarters trailing. The amount becomes available for distribution in January of the following calendar year.
  • Traditionally, it is approximately 5%.
  • Monies that are not distributed remain available for distribution the following year unless otherwise specified in the fund agreement.
  • Exceptions may occur if:
    • The fund balance is less than $10,000.
    • The fund has not been established for at least 20 quarters.
    • The Fund Agreement stipulates a distribution method other than that of the Spending Policy.

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