Private Foundation Alternatives

Establishing a Donor Advised Fund at The Philadelphia Foundation is less complicated and less costly than setting up a private foundation – and offers many additional advantages.

An existing private foundation can easily be converted to a Donor Advised Fund. The private foundation’s name can be perpetuated, and support for the purpose for which it was established can continue.

Advantages of Donor Advised Funds vs. Private Foundations


Harvey Kimmel“This has made our lives so much easier. I’d rather be on the next trip!” -- Harvey Kimmel, co-founder of the Virginia and Harvey Kimmel Arts Education Fund

Ongoing Involvement

Lee Harrison“We get to do the fun part.” – Lee Harrison, granddaughter of Dr. Ruth Wright Hayre, who converted her educational foundation to a Donor Advised Fund in 1998.

Anonymity If Desired

Anonymous Female donor“I don’t want people calling to thank me and asking if I can give more.” – Founder of the Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is Fund

Intent Perpetuated

Israel Hecht Fund LogoFounded in 1926 to provide free coal to the poor, the Israel Hecht Fund still keeps people warm. Converting the foundation exempted its assets from excise taxes that threatened its permanence.

Greater Impact

“Having this partnership allows the Scattergood staff to do what it does best. We’re a small foundation with a large mission, and our relationship with TPF helps us be more efficient and effective.” – Joe Pyle, President

How We Compare To Private or Family Foundations and Commercial Gift Funds

We offer several benefits compared to private or family foundations and to commercial Donor Advised Funds.

How we compare to others.

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