Philadelphia Foundation Exhibit Showcases What Students Dream Of Changing

Art Gallery Exhibit Features Dreamline Program

Dreamline Banners On Display at Philadelphia Foundation

PHILADELPHIA, PA (June 5, 2019) – Philadelphia students’ dreams for the future are made tangible through cloth banners and audio recordings in “The Fabric of Dreams,” a new exhibit on display through Sept. 30 at the Community Art Gallery of the Philadelphia Foundation, 1835 Market Street, Suite 2410.

Showcased are more than 50 works created by West Philadelphia kindergartners, second-graders and fifth-graders.

Dreamline programs serve schools in more than 37 countries and 42 states within the United States. It is run through the Philadelphia nonprofit Cloth Cloud Education.

The banners in the exhibit are the result of a program funded by Philadelphia Foundation’s Jubilee International Education Trust and the Queen’s Jubilee Education Fund. They were created at two Laboratory Charter Schools, one at 59th Street and Woodbine Avenue and the other at 53rd Street and Lebanon Avenue.

Additional banners envisioning a world without violence were created at this year’s Martin Luther King Day celebration at Girard College funded through an On the Table Philly Activate Grant and in collaboration with the Philadelphia-based Global Citizen organization.

“I have a dream that grownups take care of their children, that people will start caring,” says one banner.

Another banner notes, “I dream a world where the world would be the same but without guns and the world would be less scary.”

Photographs capture the process through which the banners in the exhibit were created, from introduction to a community celebration.

The Dreamline program helps students discover meaning in the fabric of their interconnected dreams and to take action on what matters most to them.

In the exhibit, each banner is physically connected to others in the manner of Nepalese prayer flags, demonstrating the power of connection.

The banners are also connected digitally through Dreamline World’s mobile app, which provides an image of each banner accompanied by an audio recording of the student artist’s voice sharing the message.

The banners are tagged to align their perspectives with United Nation’s Global Goals to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all.

Visitors to the exhibit are encouraged to scan QR codes to socially share the inspiration the banners provide and to carry the student’s hopes in their pockets long after they leave the gallery space.

Images and recordings from the Philadelphia Foundation exhibit and around the world can also be accessed through A short video of the installation’s opening is viewable here.

About The Community Art Gallery

The Fabric of Dreams is the 57th exhibition to be held in the Community Art Gallery, which was established in 2000 as a shared space where local arts organizations, artists and patrons can gather to build greater support for the arts. The Gallery also highlights Philadelphia Foundation’s Arts & Culture Fund, a permanent endowment that supports local arts organizations’ efforts to build community through the arts.

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