Thomas Scattergood Behavioral Health Foundation

A Donor Advised Fund

Scattergood FoundationEstablished in 2006, this fund supports the work of a private foundation that improves the delivery of behavioral health services throughout the region.  

The Difference It Makes

The Scattergood Foundation traces its proud history to the nation's first private psychiatric hospital, established in 1813.

Improving behavioral health delivery is a big mission, which is why Scattergood turned to The Philadelphia Foundation to manage its more than $14 million in assets. The partnership streamlines Scattergood’s day-to-day administrative and investment management responsibilities.

The Scattergood board retains control over distribution of its own targeted grants, addressing pressing behavioral health needs in innovative ways.

The Philadelphia Foundation manages the investments and files tax reports as required to state and federal agencies. In addition, Scattergood receives “back office” services such as accounting, benefits management and payroll.

Many Benefits

Partnering with The Philadelphia Foundation has served Scattergood well.

“Using the professional financial expertise available through the Foundation for our administrative services has allowed us to provide greater transparency in our operations. Scattergood continues to have an independent audit of our books, which in these times has been especially important in maintaining the trust of our supporters,” Pyle noted.

“For small- to mid-sized foundations, handling the administrative functions such as payroll can be time-consuming and detract from achieving the overall mission,” Pyle added. “Devoting resources to this takes away funds that could be going into provide direct service.”

Joe PylePerpetuating our behavioral health grant-making mission is what’s most important, that that’s what this allows us to do. As a small foundation, this allows us to be cost-effective and efficient."
– Joseph Pyle, President of the Thomas Scattergood Behavioral Health Foundation

Investment Consistent with Values

Scattergood’s assets are invested in a Philadelphia Foundation investment pool that receives competitive returns in a manner consistent with the organization’s Quaker values.

Screened out are investments in industries whose revenues are generated through tobacco, the military, firearms and gambling.

The ability to invest in a way that respects principles that are important to the organization while also pooling its dollars to maximize growth is a major advantage Scattergood has achieved through its partnership with The Philadelphia Foundation.

Learn how you can set up a partnership like this for your private foundation: Email us or call 215-563-6417.

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