DA Announces Over $600,000 in Violence Prevention Grant Awards to 22 Community-Based Groups

June 26, 2024 – Philadelphia, PA

District Attorney Larry Krasner along with the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office External Engagement and Government Affairs Division awarded on Wednesday $675,000 in violence prevention microgrants to nearly two dozen local non-profit groups. These awards come as Philadelphia enters the summer season, a time that has historically seen increases in gun violence.

The awardees are as follows:

  1. Beyond The Bars is awarded $50,000.
  2. Committed Community Mentors is awarded $20,000.
  3. Fathership Foundation is awarded $25,000.
  4. First Person Arts is awarded $50,000.
  5. New Leash On Life is awarded $30,000.
  6. P. Michael Boone Foundation is awarded $25,000.
  7. Raw Tools is awarded $50,000.
  8. The Apologues is awarded $50,000.
  9. Why Not Prosper is awarded $50,000.
  10. Blackwell Cultural Alliance is awarded $50,000.
  11. Elegance Xtreme is awarded $10,000.
  12. Father’s Day Rally Committee is awarded $50,000.
  13. Fruits of the Family Table is awarded $10,000.
  14. Mentor Leaders Produce Mentor Leaders is awarded $40,000.
  15. Philly Truce is awarded $15,000.
  16. Uplift Solutions is awarded $50,000.
  17. 100 Black Men of Philadelphia Inc. is awarded $15,000.
  18. Action for Justice Collective is awarded $10,000.
  19. Cambodian Association of Greater Philadelphia is awarded $25,000.
  20. Liberty Resources Inc. is awarded $15,000.
  21. Urban Nerds Foundation is awarded $10,000.
  22. We Embrace Fatherhood is awarded $25,000.

The Philadelphia Foundation manages the grant application and review process for the District Attorney’s Forfeiture Fund grants

About:  Pursuant to its obligations under the Pennsylvania Controlled Substances Forfeiture Act, 42 Pa.C.S.A. § 5802, and the final order entered on February 17, 2021 in Sourovelis v. City of Philadelphia, Civ. Action No. 2:14-cv-04687-ER, the Office of the District Attorney of Philadelphia must utilize funds forfeited to it to support community-based anti-crime and anti-narcotics organizations.

The majority of funds should be committed to organizations collectively focused on engaging at-risk youth, including after-school programs, programs aimed at preventing violence or addiction, programs assisting with recovery and rehabilitation from addiction, and/or programs focused on reintegration and finding gainful employment after imprisonment emphasizing anti-crime/anti-drug/anti-violence elements in their work.

Organizations may use funds to support anti-crime/anti-drug/anti-violence initiatives consistent with guidance from the Office of the Attorney General of Pennsylvania and the United States Department of Justice.  A non-exhaustive list of permissible uses based on these sources will be provided to grantee organizations.

The Fund will prioritize requests from grassroots community groups with smaller budgets, defined as $5 million or less.  Grants are limited to organizations working with people in the city and county of Philadelphia and each grant cycle will have a different focus.  Grants will range from $10,000 to $50,000, with an average grant size of $20,000.

Grant Cycle Timing & Focus Areas:

2/14/24-3/6/24:  Addiction Recovery and Prevention

4/1/24-4/19/24:  Cycling, Swimming, Summer Camps

5/20/24-6/7/24:  Gun Violence Intervention

8/26/24-9/20/24:  Trauma, Healing and Support for Youth Impacted by Violence

11/25/24-12/27/24:  Support for Elder Victims and Anti-Violence Programs that Impact Seniors

2/3/25-3/14/25:  Re-entry and Workforce