Our approach

With an outstanding record of reliable stewardship, we provide investment options suited to your client’s philanthropic intentions across different time horizons.

Advantages of Our Approach for Endowed Funds

Experienced Oversight

An experienced independent investment consultant is overseen by the investment committee and the Board of Managers. The annual audit conducted by an indpendent CPA firm is avaialble here.

Long-Term Emphasis

The focus is on steady growth that minimizes risk to build perpetual resources, rather than attempting to change strategy based on short-term market conditions.

Economies of Scale

Funds are co-mingled for investment purposes to leverage efficiencies. This allows modest-sized funds access to sophisticated investment vehicles that might not otherwise be possible.

Broad Diversification

Our mix of asset classes is frequently reviewed. This diversification increases the likelihood of meeting or exceeding the fund’s desired return over varying economic and market cycles.

Customized Accounting

Each fund is tracked individually. Fund statements are mailed quarterly to authorized fund representatives with detail of the fund’s activities.

Advantages of Our Approach for Non-Endowed Funds

Positioned for Various Time Horizons

Our non-endowed funds are well-positioned to support charitable spending over various timeframes, ranging from one month to five years or more. The Philadelphia Foundation offers Long, Medium and Short-term Portfolios as well as a Distribution Pool for non-endowed funds.

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