The Key Skills Hub is the Philadelphia Foundation’s marketplace for volunteerism, where the community and corporate sector meet to work toward improving the quality of life in our neighborhoods, our city and throughout the Greater Philadelphia region.

The hub matches passionate, skills-based volunteers with opportunities to donate their time to nonprofits seeking assistance in the areas of business strategy, marketing, accounting, graphic design, human resources, website development and more.

NEW! Are you close to retirement or recently retired? Find out more details specific on how to leverage your years of expertise for the nonprofits before you volunteer. Find information specific to volunteering close or after retirement here.


The Key Skills Hub serves as a centralized, online marketplace to match skilled volunteers with nonprofits seeking expertise to propel their missions. Nonprofits create a profile giving high-level information on their mission and list their needs in the form of projects or calls. Volunteers create a profile that articulates their skills and areas of interest.

Each partner – the nonprofit and the professional – decides if the connection is the right fit. Think of the matching like an interview process, where both parties are looking for the ideal pairing. Once the link is made, these powerful partnerships build stronger nonprofits.


Serve as an expert on a 1-hour strategy call

Get on the phone with a nonprofit to help answer burning questions, brainstorm organizational challenges, or give feedback.

Complete a full, pre-scoped project

Work with a nonprofit to complete critical projects such as graphic design, website development, copywriting, database customization, and more.
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Traditional Volunteering

Philadelphia Foundation has partnered with RSVP to offer traditional, non-skills-based volunteering. RSVP is a nonprofit organization that provides meaningful volunteer opportunities to help meet critical human needs in Greater Philadelphia. Volunteers help children and adults learn to read, tutor students and veterans in math, assist low-income adults and seniors with food security, provide Medicare counseling services and provide support to many community-based programs.

To learn more about RSVP and how you can be part of the effort to positively impact the lives of more than 11,000 vulnerable community members, visit

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