What is the Philadelphia Foundation?

We are a community foundation, a pool of several hundred permanent, charitable trust funds created since 1918 to improve the quality of life in Greater Philadelphia. We award millions of dollars in grants and scholarships annually.

What is a community foundation?

Unlike other foundations whose assets come from a single source and whose purpose is defined by a family or business, a community foundation is a collection of money from civic-minded people to meet a wide range of community needs now and in the future. Pooling these dollars enables even the smallest component fund to achieve investment returns enhanced by economy of scale. Grants are guided by knowledgeable people who know which organizations best meet community needs.

What are the advantages of using a community foundation?

A community foundation enables people to establish a charitable fund without having to cope with the complexities of setting up their own foundation. We offer flexibility, tax advantages, long-term stability, convenience, credibility and expertise in financial management and grantmaking. We provide the security that the name of the charitable donor, or the person in whose name the fund is established, will be honored forever.

Who can establish a fund?

Funds are created by individuals, families, private foundations and corporations with a charitable vision. We also manage the endowment funds of many nonprofits. Hundreds of people of modest and magnificent means have turned to us as their philanthropic partner. They have entrusted us to invest their charitable dollars wisely and use the generated revenue to provide grants and scholarships to the causes they care about.

Who can get a grant?

Donor-advised grants are made to 501(c)(3) organizations in the United States. Staff-directed discretionary grants are awarded primarily in Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery Philadelphia, Camden and Burlington counties.