What is the Civic 50 Greater Philadelphia?

The Civic 50 Greater Philadelphia is a regional initiative, adapted from the global nonprofit, Points of Light, designed to recognize civic-minded businesses that are using their time, talent and resources to drive social impact in their communities.




Through a no-cost self-assessment and benchmarking tool, powered by True Impact, participants will gain a deeper understanding of how their current efforts align with best practices in the field and organizations of similar size and organizational capacity.


The Civic 50 Greater Philadelphia is open until April 30th, 2021.


Attend one of our upcoming information and support sessions to learn more. All sessions are listed below under “Civic 50 Events”.



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Our helpful Benefits, How to Participate and Civic 50 FAQs have additional details to help you get started. For organizations who may just be beginning their journey in community engagement, you can also learn about the Civic Mindedness Self-Assessment, our mini-assessment tool.


Download the About Civic 50 One-pager , the Civic 50 Overview Deck, or the Civic 50 Questions.


Learn what others have to say about their Civic 50 experiences.


Your privacy is important to us. While companies will be ranked based on information shared, all specific data points will remain private and confidential.


Public and private companies as well as nonprofits agencies and institutions (e.g. hospitals and universities) of more than five (5) employees with operations in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and/or Delaware are invited to participate in The Civic 50 Greater Philadelphia.


Have additional questions?

Have Questions?

Our FAQ page has further information on the value of the Civic 50 Greater Philadelphia, how to complete it, and alternatives to the full benchmarking tool if your company is just beginning its journey in community engagement regardless of your size.

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Civic Minded Mini Assessment

Don’t know if you are ready yet for the full Civic 50 benchmark Tool? This condensed mini assessment will introduce the Civic 50 Greater Philadelphia concepts and terminology and demonstrate how your company’s actions a difference align with the Civic 50.

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