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For decades, attorneys, financial advisors, investment managers, trust officers, accountants and others have trusted the Philadelphia Foundation to integrate flexible, lasting and impactful charitable giving strategies into their clients’ financial and estate plans.


Whether your client is looking to make an immediate donation or set up a long-term giving strategy, we can collaborate with you to design a creative, effective solution that activates and accelerates their ability to reach their philanthropic goals.

Benefits to You

We empower you to identify the best philanthropic solutions for your clients.

  • Partner with an organization you can trust. With a 100-plus year history, we have a proven track record of serving as a reputable, established institution.

Benefits to Your Clients

By partnering with the Philadelphia Foundation, your clients can more easily and effectively:

  • Receive grantmaking advice, if they want it. We have deep, current knowledge about nonprofits in the region.
  • Give regularly to one or more causes. We make it easy to support multiple charities locally and nationally.
  • Build a personal or family legacy. Endowed funds provide annual support in perpetuity for organizations and/or causes.
  • Transition a private foundation.Sustain the intentions of a private foundation with greater simplicity and lower costs.
  • Create philanthropic impact. Our steady investment growth, careful management, low overhead and economies of scale ensure more of your clients’ dollars have a direct charitable impact.
  • Receive maximum tax benefits. We work with you to execute your tax planning through a wide range of giving options, including CGAs and CRUTs.
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