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The Philadelphia Foundation is a connector, activator and accelerator for enhancing quality of life in the Greater Philadelphia region. The Key Skills Hub seeks to empower talented and skilled volunteers to transform society by connecting individuals to the nonprofits that are effecting change in our city, the region and beyond.

We believe that by bringing skilled volunteers to nonprofits through the Key Skills Hub, we can maximize the impact these organizations are able to make on the communities they serve. You are the talent, and the key to help the regions nonprofits achieve their goals.

How It Works

The Key Skills Hub serves as a centralized, online marketplace to match skilled volunteers with nonprofits seeking expertise to propel their missions. Nonprofits create a profile giving high-level information on their mission and list their needs in the form of projects or calls. Volunteers create a profile that articulates their skills and areas of interest.

Each partner – the nonprofit and the professional – decides if the connection is the right fit. Think of the matching like an interview process, where both parties are looking for the ideal pairing. Once the link is made, these powerful partnerships build stronger nonprofits.


Gain free access to highly skilled individuals passionate about your nonprofit’s mission.
Collaborate with creative thinkers with experience to advance your organization’s goals.
Form powerful partnerships with members of the corporate community.
Gain Access To Pro Bono Services

Get The Support You Need


Spend an hour talking with a volunteer to get advice, brainstorm, or learn about something new.

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See The Results Firsthand

Browse through some of the amazing deliverables that nonprofits have been able to achieve through matching with volunteers on the Key Skills Hub. These are just a fraction of the possibilities that skills-based volunteers can increase your capacity.

Garces Brochure

The Garces Foundation is committed to empowering Philadelphia’s immigrant population to fulfill their potential as citizens and enjoy their highest possible quality of life.

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Kids Smiles

You gave children healthier smiles by supporting Kids Smiles’ dental care and health education.

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Sparc Driving STEM Forward

Engage your learners, broaden their perspectives, and enhance your curriculum with a visit from the Science Program and Research Coach (SPARC) Mobile Science Program.

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