Fund For Children Grants

The Fund for Children (FFC) was established as part of a lease agreement between the City of Philadelphia and the Philadelphia Phillies baseball and Philadelphia Eagles football teams. The $2 million annual investment supports programs to improve the quality of life for children and youth in Philadelphia.

Fund For Children Strategic Investment in Youth Grants

FFC Strategic Investment in Youth grants support Philadelphia-based youth leadership development organizations. Funded organizations successfully engage youth to become analytical decision makers and action-oriented leaders who are post-secondary and/or workforce ready. Grants support both organizational and program-specific needs including technical assistance for organizations and program-related planning and development.

Eligible organizations intentionally integrate socio-emotional, political, post-secondary and career ready themes and content into program model. Successful applicants will demonstrate engagement of youth in organizational policy and program development and implementation, and long-term civic engagement initiatives.

For nonprofits serving this population:

Youth from 0 to 18 in Philadelphia

Priority given to:

  • Those able to demonstrate that at least 50% of those they serve or represent are low-income
  • Those with operating budgets under $5 million

Common requirements for all grant applicants:

  • Operating budget above $100,000.
  • 501(c)(3) IRS determination letter
  • List of Board of Directors and their affiliations
  • Three years of financial data (e.g. audits, IRS Forms 990, etc.)
  • One Full Time Equivalent (FTE) Staff Person
  • Current PA Bureau of Charitable Organizations Certificate
  • Board-approved Nondiscrimination Policy that is in compliance with the Philadelphia Foundation’s non-discrimination policy
    Program Budget Form
  • Not an ineligible organization
  • Must complete child abuse clearance and criminal background checks for all staff and volunteers who work with youth.
  • Organizations cannot apply to both the Fund For Children and the Philadelphia Foundation’s other discretionary grantmaking within the same calendar years
  • Organizations receiving Discretionary Grants are still eligible for YOUTHadelphia grants

Strongly preferred:

  • Written, board-approved policies regarding whistle-blowing, conflict of interest, and document retention and destruction.
  • Interim or permanent executive leadership in place for at least three months.
  • Limited familial relationships among board and staff members.

Amounts of grants:

Grants range from $5,000 up to $50,000 and can be no more than 10% of the organizational budget.

Types of projects funded:

Programs serving youth aged 0 to 18 that engage participants in leadership activities.

Application deadline:

Please contact a Program Officer for more details.


YOUTHadelphia is the Youth Advisory Committee of the Philadelphia Foundation’s Fund for Children. Established in 2004 as part of the Fund for Children, this youth in philanthropy program’s mission is to give Philadelphia teens opportunities to build youth leadership through philanthropy and the donation of time, energy and resources.

YOUTHadelphia provides grants to youth-led programs and projects that support Philadelphia teens. Programming is for youth ages 14 to 18.

How To Join YOUTHadelphia

YOUTHadelphia gives Philadelphia teens the opportunity to build leadership skills through philanthropy and civic engagement.

How to Apply:

**All applicants will be contacted by the Philadelphia Foundation to schedule an interview**

Additional information about YOUTHadelphia membership

Meetings are held Thursdays after school from September through May at the Philadelphia Foundation under the direction of an adult advisor. Dinner and tokens for transportation are provided for every meeting.

“I’d recommend YOUTHadelphia to anyone. You have a chance to build your public speaking, teamwork, organizational, critical thinking and analytical skills. And it helped me give to my community in an area where I felt it would help.” – D’Angelo Cameron


For Nonprofits Applying for YOUTHadelphia Grants

Priority is given to:

  • Applicants that demonstrate how the program/project is youth-led, largely devised and implemented by young people
  • Applicants at which at least 50% of the program/project participants served can be classified as low-income
  • Applicants with youth-led programs/projects serving low-income youth of color
  • Applicants with programs/projects that have a combination of social, emotional and/or political themes and content embedded in their curriculums

Amounts of grants:

In 2020, grants range from $5,000 to $10,000, and one $25,000 grant will be made. The grant can be no more than 10% of the organizational budget.

Types of projects funded:

Philadelphia-based programs/projects serving youth aged 14 to 18 that engage participants in leadership activities.

Application deadline:

The 2020 deadline is Feb. 14, 2020. Download the application. Site visits for selected finalists will be conducted between March 13 and 25, 2020.