Connecting Professionals to Nonprofits

Augmenting our ongoing grantmaking in support of capacity building, the Philadelphia Foundation has introduced an online tool that connects nonprofits with professionals who want to donate their skills, pro bono.

This portal, powered by Catchafire, gives nonprofits access to capacity building support like creating a marketing strategy, building a website, and getting graphic design help – all for free.

It also provides regional professionals at any stage of their career, with a way to be matched with nonprofits in need of their talents.


Share your Passion and Talents with Nonprofits

Volunteer as an individual

You have the expertise to help fill the gaps that nonprofits lack the resources to implement. Many nonprofits would welcome access to professional skills such as strategy, project management web development and graphic design.

NEW! Are you close to retirement or recently retired? Find out more details specific on how to leverage your years of expertise for the nonprofits before you volunteer. Find information specific to volunteering close or after retirement here.


Connect Your NonProfit With Skilled Professional Volunteers

Seek Services As A Non-profit

With a menu of 120+ pre-scoped projects, with specific deliverables and project steps, the Key Skills Hub portal easily allows you to connect to volunteers with the right skills for your needs. Start growing your community of volunteers beyond your neighborhood, by getting the best advice and ideas that Greater Philadelphia and the world have to offer.


Where Community And Corporate Work Together

Connect your employees to the needs of nonprofits

Volunteerism is about becoming better individuals, living with purpose, challenging assumptions and building community. The Key Skills Hub is an opportunity for corporate employees to transform themselves and the Greater Philadelphia nonprofit community through the power of skills-based volunteerism.

Utilize the Key Skills Hub marketplace of skills-based volunteering to connect your most important asset, your employees, to the needs of the nonprofit community.

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