Fund options

When your clients become donors, they can choose to invest their funds in Endowed or Non-Endowed (Short-Term) Pools.

Endowed Funds

Our investment philosophy for endowed funds is to diversify investments to provide a balance that will enhance the total return while avoiding undue risk concentration in any single asset class or investment category. We emphasize three main priorities for our endowment portfolio: 1) protect principal; 2) returns should exceed the Spending Policy rate of 5% plus the Consumer Price Index (CPI); and 3) ensure capital growth.

Non-Endowed Funds

Our non-endowed funds, which are typically invested in mutual funds, are expected to have their entire balance spent down within a certain time period, ranging from one month to five years or more. Non-endowed funds require liquidity and are invested depending on the length of time they are expected to function. The Philadelphia Foundation offers Long, Medium, and Short Term Portfolios designed to meet the varying investment objectives of our donors.

Endowed Pool Non-Endowed (Short-Term) Pools

Invested & Allocated to Support

Perpetual giving Desired grant horizon

Investment Strategy Goal

Growth consistent with Spending Policy, plus inflation Growth consistent with desired grant horizon

Number of Pools Available

One Four (to support varied grant horizons)

Type of Funds Used For

Donor Advised Funds, Scholarships, Field of Interest, Organizational Endowment, Unrestricted Donor Advised Funds

Annual Distributions

  • Amount determined by Spending Policy
  • Nonprofit recipients recommended by donor
  • No annual distribution deadline
  • Amount recommended by donor
  • Nonprofit recipients recommended by donor
  • No annual distribution maximum or deadline

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