Organizational Endowment Fund Page

An Organizational Endowment Fund builds permanent financial resources for a selected nonprofit. Nearly 100 nonprofits have endowments based at the Philadelphia Foundation.

Benefits of Working with Us

When you place a nonprofit endowment with the Philadelphia Foundation, you gain access to:

  • Greater fiscal efficiencies, a diversified asset allocation strategy and lower investment expenses than nonprofits typically receive on their own
  • Free setup of complex planned giving tools such as Charitable Gift Annuities that can be used by donors to build endowments
  • Inclusion in our audits and tax filing, sparing the nonprofit from any additional tax filing
  • The security of placing the nonprofit’s financial resources with investment professionals who have secured and grown endowment funds since 1918

Built-in Accountability

We provide all nonprofits whose endowments we build with:

  • Quarterly statements
  • Customized accounting
  • Personalized gift acknowledgements and tax receipts for donors
  • Ability to receive secure online contributions
  • Pledge maintenance and reminders
  • Automatic annual disbursements

Sample Fund Agreement

View a sample agreement for an Organizational Endowment Fund.