The Repplier Society

The Repplier Society was established in 1996 to recognize those who have the foresight and philanthropic interest to include the Philadelphia Foundation in their estate plans. The Society is named for Sidney N. Repplier, the Foundation’s second director (1961 – 1982), who transformed The Philadelphia Foundation into a proactive philanthropic institution.

By informing us of their generosity that will extend over many generations, these visionary donors allow us to honor and thank them during their lifetimes.

Join the Repplier Society

There are two steps to joining The Repplier Society. You may become a member of The Repplier Society even if you choose to remain anonymous in public listings.

Step 1: Make arrangements to leave a gift to The Philadelphia Foundation.

Common ways to do this are:

  • Designate the Philadelphia Foundation as a beneficiary in your will, of your IRA or 401(k) or of your life insurance
  • Donate real property or tangible assets or valuables as part of your estate planning
  • Establish a legacy fund as part of your estate planning (learn about qualifying funds)

Step 2: Inform the Philadelphia Foundation of your plans so we can recognize you as a member of The Repplier Society.

Contact us at 215-563-6417 or by email, or fill out and send in the membership application.

While we do not require you to tell us the amount of your gift, sharing this information can help us to provide the proper level of oversight at the time the gift comes to us, and to ensure that your intentions are fulfilled.