On The Table Activate Grants

Philadelphia Foundation will provide up to $50,000 to implement ideas to improve the region that are generated through On the Table Philly conversations. Registered hosts and participants can apply for “Activate” grants of up to $1,000 each.


All registered On the Table Philly participants – hosts and attendees, individuals and organizations – are eligible to apply if they complete the On the Table Philly survey.


On the Table Philly “Activate” grant projects should focus on ways people can become active in their communities. A portion of the 2019 grants will be directed toward initiatives that advance participation in the 2020 census.


You must be registered as an On the Table Philly 2018 host or have signed in as a guest at a table on Oct. 17 to apply. You also need to have completed the On the Table Philly survey in order to apply.


The 2019 application deadline has now passed.