Unlocking a New Century of Community Impact

For 100 years, the Philadelphia Foundation has played a key role in fostering economic, civic and social vitality throughout the Greater Philadelphia Region. Born of a desire for more powerful, permanent funding to address community needs, we have collaborated with thousands of individuals, families, and businesses to support countless nonprofits, advance community causes and provide scholarships to tomorrow’s changemakers.


As part of a year-long calendar of events, our Centennial Legacy Mural – Strength in Our Bonds – was dedicated on Nov. 7, 2019. It stands as a testament to the power of philanthropy to bring people together and move the region forward.

Through our work, we have proudly witnessed our region’s innovative ability to solve seemingly unsolvable challenges and seize new opportunities. This bubbling community enthusiasm and opportunity for philanthropic impact continue to abound today.


That’s why, as we enter our second century of service and leadership, we do so with a vision anchored in the needs of today and the optimism for a better tomorrow. It’s a vision to build a vibrant metropolitan region where opportunities, prosperity and public assets are shared by all.


Our Key to Community Leadership Award, established as part of our Centennial year, honors individuals who, through their collaborative spirit and abiding commitment to their communities and our region, amplify our ability to improve the lives of millions of people in Greater Philadelphia.


We invite you to join us as we continue to connect, activate and accelerate change across the region. Together, we can amplify our ability to improve the lives of millions of people in our region.