Direct Service Grants 

Unrestricted Grants are made to direct-service organizations that are well-run, well-led and that serve high poverty and vulnerable populations in our Greater Philadelphia region.

For nonprofits serving this population:

Greater Philadelphia

Priority given to:

  • Those able to demonstrate that at least 50% of those they serve or represent are low-income
  • Those with operating budgets under $5 million

Common requirements for all grant applicants:

Special requirements:

  • No deficit of more than 10% for prior three years.
  • No more than two years of deficits for prior three years.
  • Operating Budget above $100,000.
  • Must complete child abuse clearance and criminal background checks for all staff and volunteers who work with youth.

Strongly preferred:

  • Written, board-approved policies regarding whistle-blowing, conflict of interest, and document retention and destruction.
  • Interim or permanent executive leadership in place for at least three months.
  • Limited familial relationships among board and staff members.

Amounts of grants:

Not more than 7% of the organization’s budget.

Types of projects funded:

Organizations seeking direct service grants should demonstrate a strong history of effective programs that serve on behalf of vulnerable populations, strong management practices, sound fiscal performance and strong leadership at the board and staff levels. Grants to organizations that are national or state-wide will be pro-rated based upon their work in Greater Philadelphia.

Application deadline:

The 2020 deadline is April 6.

Application Program Grants Process

Step 1: Determine eligibility

Determine your eligibility by taking our five-minute eligibility quiz.

Step 3: Follow-up

A program staff member will reach out to you to discuss next steps.

Step 4: Report

Once the grant period is completed, a grant report will be required.