Hannah Gansbauer, The GIANT Company

Hannah Gansbauer
Assistant Store Manager
The Giant Company

Years at The GIANT Company: 2

Activating my passion into meaningful impact

Hannah Gansbauer volunteering at The GIANT Company’s ‘Stuff A Truck’ event for the benefit of Radnor Township School District.

I am most passionate about eradicating hunger. I have had a lot of struggles throughout my life and being able to pay forward the kindness I have received means so much to me.  No one should ever have to go hungry, so being able to partner with organizations like Philabundance and Caring for Friends that can stretch our donations and time makes a bigger impact than what one person could do alone, makes me feel like I am doing more than I could ever alone.

I share what I do with my store/region team, and online, and involve as many people as possible. Speaking from the heart and being a role model to show the impact that we can make together.

Work/volunteer synergies

I am amazed everyday by all we do at The GIANT Company. We have an amazing corporate team that shares opportunities with us, and it is never ending.  We just completed our “Feeding School Kids” program and now are “Healing our Planet.”

They also encourage us to find our own needs in our community.  Giant makes it easy and fun, and I love that my own values match those of the company where I work.  Volunteering can be done on our own time or paid through corporate-run events.

What I’ve learned from volunteering with The GIANT Company

That we can be more, do more, we are not just a transactional business, we are pillars in our community with ongoing programs in place to give back.

What excites me within corporate volunteerism 

The constant engagement, meeting new people and supporting them.  Making a difference brings us together. Seeing the needs firsthand and being able to react. It is also really, really fun.