Megan Ketchum, GSK

Megan Ketchum 
Team Leader

Years with GSK: 5

Activating my passion into meaningful impact

The Philadelphia STEM Equity Collective GSK Pulse Volunteers, From left: Linda Earland, Leng Nickels, Kimberly Palladino, and Megan Ketchum

I am passionate about STEM education and making sure children have access. I grew in a small farm town in Kansas where STEM educational opportunities were limited. Upon entering college, it was easily distinguishable which STEM majors had an advantage and which ones were set up to struggle based upon their K-12 STEM educational opportunities.

At all times throughout my career, I have tried to find volunteering opportunities where I can give back to communities, students and schools. At GSK, I am a co-chair for the Science in Schools group where we try to increase student exposure to the variety of careers in STEM through job shadowing, career panels, science demonstrations at schools, site visits, and other related activities.

Work/volunteer synergies

GSK employees can participate in different employee resource groups based upon their own passions and experiences. Each year, as an employee, you are allowed to take a full workday to volunteer (called an Orange Day) in whatever manner you’d like.

What I’ve learned from volunteering with GSK

Lots of people want to volunteer and enjoy it. The hardest part is finding recurring volunteering opportunities.

What excites me within corporate volunteerism 

It is about giving back to something that is bigger than yourself or just your company. Also, it is the opportunity to showcase things you are passionate about to your colleagues, which could have a cascading effect.