Jean North, A. Pomerantz & Co

Jean North

A. Pomerantz & Co, Executive Assistant

Years in Field: 6.5 years

How A. Pomerantz & Co Supports Employee Engagement 

Commitment to the community is engrained in our business culture. Owner, Garry Maddox, is a service-disabled veteran who models commitment to his community. In addition to hosting an annual companywide day of service, our employees sit on various non-profit boards and participate in local community volunteer groups.

On a personal level, volunteering with Pomerantz has reinforced my belief in the “Power of One”. After participating in a recent volunteer event, I ended up connecting my employer, a nonprofit, a relative, and a friend. Witnessing the ripple effect of “one” effort is priceless.

Successes A. Pomerantz & Co Has Had Regarding Employee Giving 

Since our inaugural event in 2018, we’ve had success with companywide days of service. Employees can participate in a day of service while still receiving a days’ worth of pay. I think group participation and ability to receive a days’ worth of pay are two key factors to its success.

An Employee Engagement Program Focused on Agency and Empowerment 

Our corporate mission is based on engaging in committed partnerships to drive value and provide a workforce of high integrity. This ties into our philanthropic mission, which is to make a difference, one partnership at a time. As a small company, we realize that partnerships are essential. It’s important to know where you can add value in relationships and vice versa.

Pomerantz welcomes all employees to guide our volunteer program. We encourage them to share organizations they support outside of work, we welcome volunteer event suggestions, and look to employees for feedback regarding causes they value.

Building For Long-term Success 

We gather our impact-data quarterly. We frequently include information about PomPartners in our business proposals. We send a digital survey with 7 simple questions. It allows us to gauge the impact of our volunteer program and understand what volunteer opportunities resonate with our employees. The survey responses guide our selection of volunteer opportunities we offer.

Aspects of Corporate Volunteerism That Excite And Motivate Me  

Throughout my life, I’ve realized that I’m happiest when I’m helping others. Corporate volunteerism gives me the outlet to serve others while representing my employer. I feel a greater sense of job satisfaction after participating in company lead volunteer events.