Big Brothers Big Sisters and Comcast NBCUniversal

“We see employee volunteerism as a catalyst for monumental change in building stronger communities and helping nonprofits like us realize our mission. I would like to see all companies take pride in serving their communities by prioritizing volunteerism and community investment as a critical pillar of their overall corporate strategy.” — Marcus Allen, CEO, Big Brothers Big Sisters Independence

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Tamara Scott, Vangaurd

“Vanguard has been incredibly supportive of employee volunteer engagement, which is one of the reasons I chose the company!” — Tamara Scott, Social Media Marketing Manager, Vanguard

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Desmond McCaffery, GSK

“I have the incredible opportunity of leading the team that delivers the PULSE program contributing to our three-fold change mission — change communities, change yourself, and change GSK! I would have never envisioned myself where I am now, but I wouldn’t ever change the path I took.” — Desmond McCaffery

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