Naketa Mullins, AmeriHealth Caritas 

Naketa Mullins 
AmeriHealth Caritas

Years in the Field

I have been with AmeriHealth Caritas, an Independence Blue Cross subsidiary, for almost 9 years; I’ve spent 25 years as an employee of the Independence Blue Cross Family of Companies.

Activating my passion into meaningful impact

I’ve always been passionate about food insecurities. That passion was heightened during the pandemic because I found it challenging to manage the increase in grocery prices and shortages in foodstuffs.

If I faced these challenges as a working-class citizen, I could only imagine the challenges faced by the elderly and others facing financial hardships. There are so many people who lack the resources to find a sustainable meal or go hungry and I want to provide support to those in need.

I am a committed volunteer for the Share Food Program. I regularly volunteer by making outreach calls to seniors to confirm food box deliveries. I also pack food boxes. Before the pandemic, I volunteered with my church family at the Ronald McDonald House to serve food to the families of patients.

Work/volunteer synergies

My company has a dedicated website and resources to facilitate employee engagement in a variety of volunteer activities. There are volunteer opportunities available that are conducive to all work schedules. Employees are even allowed to volunteer during company time. Also, AmeriHealth designates team leads such as myself who promote and chair volunteer activities.

What I’ve learned from volunteering with AmeriHealth Caritas

At AmeriHealth Caritas, our focus is the underserved and disabled population, so I am able to see firsthand some of the struggles they face. To know that I work for an organization that cares about the members they serve, makes me care that much more.

What excites me within corporate volunteerism 

I don’t volunteer looking for something in return. I volunteer with the understanding that what I am doing really means something to someone else. There is also joy in volunteering with others I work with. I’ve had the opportunity to meet some really great and grateful people through volunteering.

What volunteerism means to me

The most valuable gift I’ve received from volunteering is the humbling experience of being able to give back to my community. As a single working mom, I was once in the shoes of those I now serve. My grandmother always tells me; Help the one who is down today. They may be down in sorrow. This old world is a wicked old world, and you can be down tomorrow. – Author Unknown