GPCVC Nonprofit Discussions: Under-Unemployed Populations

In a follow up to the GPCVC’s April series of COVID-19 discussions, we have identified four areas in the nonprofit sector to explore the effects of COVID-19 and how practitioners envision their future volunteer needs.


The virtual discussions will feature a panel of three nonprofit representatives, moderated by a GPCVC member.


Topic: Under-Employed Populations




* Center for Employment Opportunities — Lateefah Strickland, CEO Philadelphia Site Director

*Orion Communities — Kris Keller, Orion Communities

*HACE — Maria N. Gonzalez, President/CEO


Moderator: Justin Land, Program Officer, Global Citizenship, Dow


This event is only for corporations and GPCVC members. Philadelphia Foundation reserves the right to remove attendees not within those groups.

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