Civic 50 Greater Philadelphia Webinar: Social Impact, Proving, Measuring, and Sharing

The health, social, and financial crises of the past few years have driven corporate social responsibility like never before. A lot of money, time, and resources have been donated, but how much are those investments really improving the world? How can you access that information while building trust with your nonprofit partners?


In this session, True Impact will explain the steps needed to measure your social impact—beyond dollars donated and people reached—and evaluate the good your social programs are doing. As a bonus, you will also learn how to improve your social impact and communicate your story to engage your stakeholders.


Please note:

  • This event is presented for members of the Greater Philadelphia Corporate Volunteer Council and Civic 50 Greater Philadelphia Participants. Corporations currently not a GPCVC member or Civic 50 Greater Philadelphia participant are welcome to join, though we ask you to kindly reach out to us first expressing your interest to join at
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