Best Wishes for 2020 from the President

Dear Friends, Partners and Supporters of the Philadelphia Foundation:

We often measure achievement and progress through milestones. As we close 2019 and begin 2020, the staff and board of the Philadelphia Foundation want you to know how profoundly grateful we are to work with you to advance philanthropic and civic leadership, growth, and impact across this region.

Over the last decade, Philadelphia Foundation and you have responded to humanitarian challenges locally and elsewhere, strengthened the nonprofits that serve the vulnerable, championed diversity equity and inclusion, launched the Lenfest Institute for Journalism as a sort of ‘Manhattan Project’ for sustainable local journalism in the digital age, broken bread with thousands of neighbors through On the Table, developed youth leaders on whom we will depend someday, celebrated a century of those that share treasure and talent with others, and reached new heights of community philanthropy.

As we look forward to the “2020s”, some of the challenges and opportunities ahead are already in sight. Quality of life for those in our region will be determined by the extent to which each generation has: skills needed to prosper and to continuously learn; access to the technology, tools and knowledge that provide connection and access to opportunities; and shared trust and responsibility for the norms and institutions that bind us as a society and as communities through time.

Look for the Philadelphia Foundation to continue to promote the growth of effective philanthropy for the needs of today and for future generations, to partner across sectors and organizations to drive solutions, to engage neighbors through giving and volunteering, and to remain the vigilant steward of philanthropic resources and intentions which has earned the community’s trust for 101 years and counting.

We look forward to seeing you and hearing from you. We’re here for you.

Very truly yours,


Pedro A. Ramos
President & CEO