What is the way forward?: Statement by Pedro A. Ramos, President & CEO

Tuesday, June 2: Statement by Pedro A. Ramos, President & CEO
The following statement appeared in the Philadelphia Business Journal.

“The way forward for the region is to acknowledge and act vigilantly to address racial injustice and economic disparities; partner across sectors – business, government, and nonprofits in true partnerships (not just checkbooks); diversify leadership from directors and officers to project teams; plan regionally – city and suburbs; and invest in organizations that are committed long-term to make Greater Philadelphia a better place to live and work for all.

Philadelphia Foundation is this region’s community foundation. As the go-to resource for philanthropic and civic leadership, growth and impact, we are meeting the crises of 2020 with feet firmly planted. We are pleased to co-lead with United Way and house the PHL COVID-19 Fund, which has raised $17.25 million and granted $15 million in two months. We remain committed to serving Greater Philadelphia for generations to come through strong, community-based organizations that have now more than ever proven essential to our collective resilience.”