Perpetuating the ongoing work of the Philadelphia Foundation in 2018 were 1,532 individuals, families, companies and organizations who generously contributed $111 million between Jan. 1 and Dec. 31, 2018.


The Philadelphia Foundation salutes and thanks all those who have established or contributed to our funds that provide enduring philanthropic resources for Greater Philadelphia!


Thanks to their heart and vision, we will be able to continue to support and sustain those community organizations and initiatives that teach our children, train our future workforce, heal us, entertain and inspire us, preserve our natural spaces and provide social services to those most in need.


Listed here are those who gave a cumulative total of $100 or more. Some donors chose to make their contributions anonymously, and we have honored their wishes.


A.O.H Div 39
Hamdi Abdel-Nuur
Ms. Amina Abdul-Sharif
Mr. and Mrs. Kirk A. Abe
Mr. Nathaniel Abney Jr.
Above the Rest Cabins, Blue Ridge, GA
Mr. Alberto Acereda
Kristian Acosta
Friends of Adaire
Adama Agricultural Solutions, LTD
Mr. Anthony J. Adams
Mr. John L. Adams
Ms. Nancy Lee Adams
Mr. Jack Adler and Ms. Adelaide Beachem
Mr. and Mrs. James Agasar
Ms. Joan T. Agnew
N. Nina Ahmad
Ms. C. Gloria Akers
Ms. Armanda Albert
Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Albro
Mr. Richard L. Allen
Ms. Kathleen S. Allison
Al’s Corner, Inc.
The Altman Foundation for Children
Ms. Diane Amato
AmazonSmile Foundation
Amity Club of Washington Charity Foundation
Mr. Michael A. Anabui and Ms. Olenga E. Anabui
Ms. Alison A. Anderson
Betsy Anderson and David Sullivan
Ms. Edith C. Anderson
Mr. Joshua M. Anderson
Andrea Green Music, LLC
Ms. Constance J. Andrews and Ms. Lisa A. Andrews
Ms. Suzi Andrews
Mr. Joseph V. Andris
Anonymous (65)
Ms. Cheryl Anne Dyson
Mr. & Mrs. Warren Appleby
Weston Applegate
Miriam Apter
Mr. Joseph J. Aristone
Mr. Michael W. Armstrong
Holly Arnowitz
Mr. and Mrs. Mayer M. Arnowitz
Mrs. S.E. Arrell
Mr. Bibhuti Aryal
Ms. Ellen B. Asplundh
Mr. Michael Ast
The Audley Fund
Harry and Anne Austin
Ms. Carol E. Austin
Mr. Frederick Austin
Ms. Marie Antoinette Avicolli
Ms. Jacqueline M. Axilbund
Ms. Janet K. Ayres


B.C. Property Management Inc.
Mr. Kenneth Babitt
Dubie Bader
S. Baker
Ms. Revathi Balakrishman
Charles A. Ballard
Bank of America Charitable Gift Fund
The Barra Foundation
Kathleen Barron and Jim Hessenthaler
Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Barthelmeh
James & Dianne Barton
Michael and Patricia Barton
Peter and Nancy Barton
Ms. Sarah Bates
Ms. Jennifer M. Baxter
Mr. and Mrs. George J. Bean
Larry and Shelly Beaser
Robin Beck
Ms. Ellen B. Becker
Lawrence J. Bell Trust
Mrs. Cheryl Phyllis Benavides
The Benevity Community Impact Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce H. Benjamin
Vanessa and Tyler Benjamin
Dr. Carole and Mr. Matzi Ben-Maimon
Ms. Laura Bennett
Mr. Peter Bennett
Ms. Ellen Berkowitz
Julie and Henry Berkowitz
The Barri Bernstein Donor Advised Fund
Berkshire Country Club
Mr. Dan Berlin
Mr. Steve D. Berman
Mr. and Mrs. Brent E. Bernd
Kent Bernhard
Ms. Shari Bernhard
Michael and Randi Berry
Bill and Lisa Berry
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Bevevino
Jane Biberman
Aaron and Doris Bitman
Suzanne Blanc and Paul F. Socolar
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Blatman
Christine C. Blidan
Ms. Shirley W. Blidan
Ms. Christine Bloom
Ms. Elayne H. Bloom
Jennifer and Ryan Bloom
Richard and Arlene Blount II
Marion Blow
Blue Bell Golf Course Management Co.
Albert L. Blumberg, M.D.
David and Barbara Winslow Boardman
Bob’s Discount Furniture Charitable Foundation, Inc.
Mr. Thomas E. Bock
Janet B. and Mark F. Bolendz
Ms. Lynne Bolotin
Stacy Bolton
Booz/Allen/Hamilton Community Partnerships
Mr. David Borgenicht
Ms. Frances R. Borrelli
Mr. Clarence Boseman
Emily Carol Bossert
Mr. Henry Boswell
Tarrah and Anthony Bottone
Gabriel and Polly Bousbib
Ms. Jennifer L. Bowman
Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Boyd
Mr. James Boyle
Ms. Melva J. Boyle
Steven S. Bradley
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Brady
Ms. Tamara Brady
Ms. Brenda E. Braithwaite
Mr. and Mrs. William L. Brams
Mr. Taylor Brana
Ms. Sandee Brawarsky
Bray Family Foundation
Richard & Marisol Brekka
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Brennan Jr.
Ms. Melissa Brenner
Mr. Adam Brigham
Mr. Steven Brill
Elizabeth H. Britton
Ms. Diana Brody and Mr. Justin Kaplan
Mr. Jeffrey B. Bronstein and Ms. Jennifer Schwartz
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Brooks
Ms. Christine W. Broome
Allon Bross
Mr. Harvey L. Brown
Ms. Jacqueline Brown
Richard P. and Virginia Hanavan Brown Irrevocable Unitrust
Craig C. Browne, Ed.D
Jakki Browner
Mr. and Mrs. Jerald Brownstein
Ms. Jean E. Brubaker
Mr. and Mrs. David P. Brugno
Mr. Paul Brunsdon
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh I. Brydges
Bryner Chevrolet
Dr. Bob Bubser
Ms. Hillarie Budoff
Mr. Jason M. Bui
Building Operators Labor Relations, Inc.
Building Owners’ and Managers’ Association of Philadelphia
Ms. Jennifer Bukowski
Bill and Sheryl Bullitt
Mr. James J. Buonassisi, Jr.
Mr. Glenn Buono
Ms. Amy Burakovsky
Ms. Barbara Donna Burke
Ms. Cheryl Ann Burton-Robinson
Ms. Lorraine E. Busch
Mr. Joseph A. Bushner
Maureen Butwin


Byler Golf Management Inc.
Ms. Mary E. Cader
Ms. Sandra L. Cadwalader
Mr. Joseph A. Califano Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Callahan
Mr. Bruce E. Camburn
Mr. and Mrs Zane T. Camburn
K. Campbell
Dr. Shari W. Campbell and Dr. Eggerton A. Campbell
Ms. Mary Canter
Cynthia Capers and Christopher Capers
Ms. Ginny Carapellottib
Center for Advocacy for the Rights and Interests of the Elderly
Ms. Kelly Carney
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Carnwath
Ms. Joan Carter
Ms. Jean M. Casey
Mr. and Mrs. John Casey
Mr. William J. Cassels
Louis N. Cassett Foundation
Ms. Paulette R. Castella
Mr. and Mrs. James J. Catalino
Mr. Paul W. Catton
Mr. Luke Cauffman
Ms. Melissa Caust-Ellenbogen
Mrs. Sheila B. Chacker
Ms. Paulette J. Chambers
Ms. Connie Chan
The Charatan/Holm Family Foundation
Barbara B. Ciamporcero Charitable Lead Annuity Trust
Joan Chat
Mr. and Mrs. David F. Chavenson
Ms. P. Chen
Usha Mathew Childs M.D.
Ms. Laura Chinofsky
Ms. Jolley Christman
Ms. Jane Chrnelich
Mr. Paul Chrystie
Chubb Global Corporate Giving
Mr. and Mrs. Henry W. Church
Ann and Russell Church
Mr. and Mrs. Carlo L. Ciabattoni
City of Philadelphia, City Treasurer’s Office
Claneil Foundation Inc.
Ms. Marveta Y. Clark
Ms. Fatima Class
Mr. Peter Clelland
Ms. Isabel Cogliati
Ms. Francine A. Cohen
Jason and Natalie Cohen
Polly Cohen
Mr. and Mrs. Kipp Cohen
Mr. Olivier S. Cojot
Ms. Harriet Tharpe Colder
The Coletti Family
Ms. Ronnie H. Collins
Comcast NBCUniversal
Competitor Group Inc.
Mr. John H. Conaway
Ms. Anne M. Congdon
Contemporary Hair Designs, LLC
Linda and Tony Conti
Cooke & Bieler LP
Mr. Kenneth L. Coombs, Jr.
Ms. Judith Cooper
Dr. and Mrs. Mark W. Cooper
Mr. Christopher Copeland
H. Corb
Ms. Lynne C. Corboy
David and Roberta Cornelius
Mr. and Mrs. Harold L. Cost
Ms. Mary Costello
Mr. and Mrs. Gerard B. Costello
Mr. Harold F. Cottman III
Ms. Caroline B. Court
Tim and Caroline Court
Mr. Adam Courtney
James & Susan Cousounis
Timothy and Jane Cousounis
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Cozen
Ms. LouAnn Cozzens Westall
Ms. Jennifer L. Craig
Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Cronin, III
Ms. Emily Crossen
Mr. Omar Francisco Crowder
Brian Crowe & Ms. Mary Ellen Crowe
Mr. James P. Culhane, Jr.
Peggy and Jim Cullison
Mr. and Mrs. Kimball C. Cummings
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Cummings
Ms. Carol Cunningham
Curly Tail Ice Cream LLC
William & Lynne Curry
Mr. Gerald A. Curtin
Custom Prescriptions of Lancaster, LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Mark J. Cvrkel


Mr. Sanjay Dabral
Jon A. D’Agostino and Darrell Young
Ms. Patricia A. Daly
Ms. Denise Dankel
Ms. Sarah Danzig Simon
Ms. Frances K. Darby
Larry and Caren Dash
Mr. Christopher Daubert
Mr. Joseph D’Aulerio and Mrs. Roselle K. D’Aulerio
Mr. Robert Daves and Dr. Jennifer Jackson
Mr. Bruce Davis Sr.
Donald R. Davis & Donna J. Davis
Ms. Gail H. Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence P. Davis
Mr. Stephen D. Davis
Westlynn Davis
Mr. Charles E. Day CMC, FIMC
Ms. Paralee Day
Mr. Salvatore M. De Bunda
Mr. and Mrs. Shawn Deegan
Mr. Bernard K. Dehmelt Jr.
Delaware Valley Chapter Links Inc. 50th Anniversary Fundraiser
Delaware Valley Paleontological Society
Mr. Kelley M. Dellorusso
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Delp
Mr. and Mrs. Arnold J. DeMuzio
Department of Psychiatry & Psychology at the Mayo Clinic
Ms. Debby Derricks
Mr. John Derrickson
Charles & Janet DeTulleo
Ms. Susan Deutch
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald H. Devandry
Tracy Blake DeVlieger
Mr. and Mrs. William V. Devuono Sr.
Mr. Albert Diaddezio
Tobey & Mark Dichter
Ted Digges
Dignity Funerals Ltd.
Charles and Gene Dilks
Mr. David J. Dinan
Mr. Robert E. Dinardo and J. Haniel Henry
Mr. Charles R. DiPuppo
Mr. Michael T. DiPuppo
Eric Dobkin, M.D.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Doblmaier
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald C. Doemling
Mr. Mark Does
Henry J. Doherty
Jim & Kimm Doherty
Paul J. Doherty
Mr. Ronald Dombroski
Mr. Robert Dordick
Mr. Kenneth R. Dorsey
Ms. Donna Dougherty
The Doxtader Family
Doylestown Maennerchor Society, Inc.
Dr.’s. Dellheim and Block, D.M.D., LLC
Ms. Elise F. Drake
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Drury Jr
Ms. Maxine Dubin
Mr. and Mrs. Mark B Dubnoff
Mr. Carson J. Dunbar
Mr. and Mrs. Gerard Durham
Anthony J. Durkin
Ms. Cheryl Anne Dyson


Ms. Chinyere Echewa
Mr. Martin C. Echewa
Mr. Thomas Obinkaram Echewa
Ms. Verna W. Edwards
Ms. Ellen Eidelson
Eiger Marketing Group, LLC
EisnerAmper LLP
Mr. Peter B. Elder
Elmington Property Management
The Empty Hand Karate Studio
Mr. Randy Eng
Mr. Matthew Ercolino
Estate of Richard Byler
Estate of Paul F. Erlink, Sr. and Paul F. Erlink, Jr.
Estate of Kevin B. Fynes
Estate of Frances P. Kellogg
Estate of Deen Kogan
Estate of D. Colman Witte
ETF Portfolio Management, LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Eustace
Mr. and Mrs. Carl B. Everett


Ms. Ida Fabian
Sheila and Jon Fash
Mr. and Mrs. Alan G. Fastman
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Faussett
Joe and Anna Fee
Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Feeney
Loren & Jill Feldman
Mr. and Mrs. Marc A. Feller
Rita and Joseph Fernandes
Ms. Elaine A. Ferrara
Kay and Michael Ferreri
David Ferry
Fetch, Inc/PetPlan USA
Ms. Julia E. Fickel
Mr. Keith B. Fickel
Mr. Samuel O. Fickel
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Field and Partners Inc.
Ms. Johannah Fine
Ms. Caryn Finegan
Dina & Michael Fink
Dr. Jason, Patricia and Isaac Finn
Ms. Cheryl A. Finocchiaro
The Fisher Family
Fitness By Erica
Howard Fischer Associates International
Mr. Thomas J. Fisher
Ms. Suzanne P. Fitzpatrick
Mr. Dalmacio Flores
Flourtown Country Club
Mrs. S A. Foehl
Ms. Christiana Foglio
Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Foley
Craig G. Ford
Mr. David Frank
Franklin Towne Charter High School
Ms. Elise Freed
Robert L. and Diane Freedman
Mr. Melvyn L. Freid
Ms. Kimberly Freimuth
Friends Select School InterSession
Ms. Lynn M. Frost
Yukako Fujita


G.W. Jr. Music Inc.
Lois G. Gabin-Legato and Don Legato
Mr. Anthony Galasso
Ms. Judi K. Galst
Ms. Carolynne A. Gambino
Mark Garvin
George & Mary Anne Geer
Merle Geiger
The Yardley Girls
Mr. Darin Gerlach
The German Society of Pennsylvania
Mr. and Mrs. K. Leigh Getty
Ms. Bianca Geyerhahn
Ms. Nikki Giannaras
Dr. Harvey A. Giller and Mrs. Barbara L. Hirsch-Giller
Ms. Selena F. Gillespie
Ms. Jeanette S. Gillison
Mr. John M. Gilmer
Mr. Thomas Ginsberg
Ms. Karen Gislason-Ender and Steven C. Ender, Ed.D
The Gitterman Family
Mr. William D. Gladden II
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Glancy
Mr. Mitchell Glass
The Glenmede Trust Company, N.A.
Ms. Judith L. Glickman
Mr. and Mrs. N. Richard Glover
Ms. Ruth E. Godin
Mr. Marc Goldberg
Kerry and Danny Golden
Ms. Marjorie W. Goldman
Mr. Roy E. Goldman and Isabelle Jarmark Goldman
Mr. Allan Goldstein
Ms. Eileen Goldstein
Ron & Marcia Goldstein
Evyn, Cheryl and Mitch Goldstein
Ms. Janet Goldwater
Golf Association of Philadelphia
Laura & Gordon Golub
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Gontaryk
Mr. Allan Goodman
Ms. Jessica Goodman
J. Gordon
Ms. Lorraine R. Gordon
Dr. and Mrs. Robert A. Goren
Mr. and Mrs. Michael I. Gorn
Ms. Kathy Gosliner
Mr. and Mrs. Ira B. Gossard, Jr.
Mindy and Mitchell Gottenberg
Mr. & Mrs. Bonnie C. and Gary D. Graham
Mr. Wallace E. Graham
Lynn F. Gramm
Granite Forest Dojo, LLC
Greater Philadelphia Hotel Association
Mr. and Mrs. Philip S. Greco
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Greco
Lon R. Greenberg
Ms. Mischa Greenberg
Ms. Adrianne Greene
Ann Greene
Amy W. Greenfield, M.D. and Jonathan Greenfield, M.D.
Albert M. Greenfield School Student Council
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey L. Greenwald
Greenwood Gaming and Entertainment Inc.
Gregory FCA Communications, Inc.
Meg and Pete Gregory
Mr. and Mrs. Wade D. Greim
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Groody
Mrs. Anita C. Gross
Mr. Louis Gross
Mrs. Susan Grossinger and Mr. Keith Forsyth
Mr. William Grueskin
Gay Crosthwait Grunfeld & Carl Grunfeld
K. S. Guerra and R. S. Guerra
Ms. Martha Guerra
Ms. Holly M. Gump and Mr. Robert R. Sparks
Mr. George Gunning
Chuck Gupta and Margot M. Rowley
Gene and Loren Gutman
Richard and Joyce Guyer


Leonard C. Haas
Stanley F. Hack Charitable Lead Unitrust
Ms. Shelly Hahn
Mr. Anthony Haile
Ms. Marcia O. Halbert
Mr. George F. Halcovage III
Ms. Nancy L. Hale
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald P. Hall
Mr. and Ms. Harry R. Halloran Jr.
Ms. Mary Halloran
Ms. Nancy Halpern
Tom and Barbara Haly
Mr. Howard Hammer
Oscar H. Hankinson, Ph.D.
Mr. and Mrs. Thaddues Hanus
Ms. Ginger Harris
Lynn Harris
Quinn and Ruth Harris
Mr. and Mrs. John Harrison
Mr. and Mrs. David C. Harrison
Ms. Joyce Harwood-Ratner and Mr. Timothy V. Ratnor
Ms. Elizabeth Hasychak
Mr. and Mrs. Denison Hatch
Ms. Anne Haubenstricker
Jody Haughin
Healthquest of Central Jersey, LLC
HealthSpark Foundation
Ms. Yvonne B. Heard
Mr. Michael Heberle
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Heenan
Mr. and Mrs. David W. Heeneke
Mr. John D. Heidenry and Ms. Julie Currie
Dan and Rebecca Heider
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Heiland
Ms. Linda Heindel
Dan Heisman
Erica and Michael Held
John and Maureen Helmig
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Hengel
Richard M. & Renee Hepburn
Adam and Terry Hepp
Herb It Forward Foundation, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Hercolini
Ms. Cara P. Herold
Mr. Kenneth Herts
Mr. and Mrs. Carl H. Hess
Ms. Susan M. Hess
Mr. Robert Hewell and Ms. Debbie Bicker
HHS Class of ’62
Highlands Golf Management Company, LLC
Ms. Dolores C. Hill
Suzie and Crawford Hill
Ms. Erin Hipple
Mr. Richard Ho
Mr. Lewis J. Hoch
Abby Stamelman Hocky & Eric M. Hocky
Mr. Corey E. Hoffman PA
Mrs. Bonny J. Hohenberger
Mr. Jeffrey R. Hollensen
Dr. Carolyn L. Holmes
Ms. Barbara W. Hooks
Mr. Roger Hoover
JoAnne and Dave Hopkins
Ms. Janice Horn
Mr. and Mrs. Terry Horner
Mr. David H. Hornestay
Mr. and Mrs. Gary D. Hotte
Ms. Sharon Hough
Mr. Chase Howard
Mr. Samuel L. Howard
Mr. and Mrs. Donald C. Huff
Susan and Keith Hughes
Humanity United
Ms. Laurie Humphreys
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan W. Hunn
Huntingdon Valley Chess Society Juniors
Huntingdon Valley Family Chiropractic Centre
Mr. Henry Huynh
Mr. Stan Hwang


Inner Circle Sports LLC
Inspection Professionals LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Intenzo
Marianne E. Intoccia Ph.D.
Ms. Vergia R. Isley
Ms. Suzanne Izzo


Ms. Jeanne Jackson
Ms. Margaret L. Jackson
Hesh Jacobs
Mr. Donald I. Jacobson
Linda and Denny Jacobus
Balaji Janarthana
Jane S. Sales, Inc.
Ms. Brenda L. Jarmon
Jefftown Village, L.P.
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Jennings
Mr. and Mrs. George P. Jennings
Jewish Communal Fund
Jewish Federation of Cleveland
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Joanedis
Janet and Bill Johnson
Ms. Rose Johnson
Ms. Theresa Johnson
The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Ms. Jane J. Johnston
Ms. Francine Jonas
Ms. Paulette Jones Tyler
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel W. Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph T. Jones
Mr. Ernest E. Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth E. Jones
Ms. Maxine Jones


Alfred Kaemmerlen
Debra Kahn
Ms. Charlene L. Kaiser
Dr. and Mrs. N. Stephen Kane
Ms. Jennifer Kangas
Mara and Jason Kanner
Ms. Christine V. Kanter
Dr. and Mrs. Glenn S. Kaplan
Mr. and Mrs. Edward S. Kaplan
Theresa and Stuart Karle
Karsan Family Foundation
Mark & Colleen Karsner
Mr. Stephen I. Kasloff
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. Kasper
Aarati Kasturirangan
Linda Katz
Ms. Nancy A. Kauffman
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Kaye
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Keenan
Mr. James H. Keil
Mr. and Mrs. Walter C. Keiper, Sr.
Shelby Keiser
Susan Keller
Kelley Karpets Commercial and Residential
Mrs. Sharon Kelly Hake
Ms. Pamela M. Kelly and Mr. Antonio P. Salvino
Ms. Caroline Kennedy
Eddie Kennedy
Mr. Kevin Kent
Mr. Jeffrey G. Kerber
Barbara and Mark Kessler
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Kessler
Mr. and Mrs. Louay Khatib
The Kidd Family
Mr. and Mrs. Jon Kieserman
Mr. John and Cecelia Kihm
Mr. and Mrs. Colin P. Kilkenny
Ms. Melissa Kim
Mr. Harvey Kimmel and Mrs. Virginia Kimmel
Ms. Chrissy Kind
Ms. Katie L. King
Linda and William King
Mr. and Mrs. John T. King
Ms. Maggi Lawler Kirk
Ms. Patricia Kirkpatrick
Mark and Laurie Kirszner
Jan Michael Kitzen and Doris E. Abelson
Ms. Jesse A. Kitzen-Abelson
Mr. Richard Klastorin
Ellen and Jerry Klatz
Ms. Margaret Klaw and Mr. Alan Metcalfe
Mr. and Mrs. Allan Kleban
Mr. and Mrs. Justin P. Klein
Mary Klein
Mrs. Rochelle Klein
Mr. Keith A. Klevan
Larry Knorr
Charles and Sandra Koenig
Ms. Bok Hyae Koh and Socue Koh
Mr. and Mrs. Harold G. Kohn
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kolodner
K A. Komasz and J. M. Komasz
Ms. Thelma S. Konowitch
Mr. Timothy A. Koopman
Joel and Sharon Koppelman
Mr. Bradley J. Korman
Ms. Martha J. Koster
Stacey and Kevin Kotler
Dr. and Mrs. Norman L. Koven
Mr. Adam D. Kozin
Ms. Heather Kozin
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Kozin
Mr. Marc Kozin
Mr. William Kozin
Donald A. Krain P.C.
Ms. Lori Krain
Don Kramer
Ms. Evelynn L. Kratz
Mr. and Mrs. Brian E. Kraus
Mr. Frank Kressman
Kroszner Family
Shannon Kruszczynski
Ms. Sharon Kuchler
Mr. and Mrs. Senthil Kumar
Ms. Joanne M. Kundrat
Marcia & Edward Kung
Ravikumar Kunta
Mr. and Mrs. John Kuremsky, III
Ms. Ellen Rae Kushner
Ms. Misha Kustin
Ms. Sherri L. Kyle


Ms. Kathleen LaBricciosa
Ms. Kathleen H. Lacey
Mr. David Laderman
Katherine Lafferty
Mr. Eric A. Lagdameo
Mr. Kevin A. Lahn
Ms. Trumell J. Lamb
Lancaster Country Club
Lancaster County Community Foundation
Mr. Arden Landes
Lansdale Amusement Company
Samuel and Helen Lapp
Magali Sarfatti Larson
Ms. Geraldine Laybourne
Ms. Joanne M. Layton
Ms. Maureen Lease
Carol and Len Lebowitz
Ms. Marguerite B. Lee
Ms. Romana Lee-Akiyama
Ms. Betsy Lee-Fong
Ms. Lynn Hollen Lees
The Legacy of Love Foundation, Inc.
Mr. H. F. Lenfest
The Lenfest Foundation
Jim and Christine Leslie
Marvin and Audrey Levin
Gorman and Lew Families
Mr. Adam Lewis
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Lewis
Mr. Clifford Lewis
Ms. Rebecca Y. Lieberman and Mr. George A. Smee
Mr. Theodore Lieverman
Doreen Lilienfeld and Tom Friedner
Ms. Dorothy C. Lilja
Mr. Wesley Lim
Jo Lin
Lincoln Financial Foundation, Inc.
Linda Creed Breast Cancer Foundation
Susan Linder
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald F. Linderman
John and Barbara Linehan
Vicky and Steve Lipoff
Mr. Jorge L. Liporaci
Ms. Ann Lipshutz
Ms. Barbara G. Lissy
The Honorable Perry A. Little and Mrs. Sonjia Little
Ms. Catherine Livingstone
Mr. Darryl Wm. Lock
Barbara and Kevin Locke
Mr. Sean Lockhead
The Lodestar Foundation
George & Caroline Loeb
William A. Loeb
Barb and Eddie Loeprich
Mr. Glen H. Loev and Mr. Youval Balistra
Ms. Linda Loi
Mrs. Beverly H. Lomax
Chris Long Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory J. Long
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Long
Mrs. Karen Lotman
Mr. and Mrs. Jorge A. Lovera
Ms. Jane Isaacs Lowe
Gail Murdaugh Lozenski
Linshuang Lu
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Lubkin
Wendy S. Lubkin and Richard F. Lubkin
Lucky Clouds Inc.
Lumina Foundation
Ms. Joanna K. Lunoe
Joanne (Luongo) and Jim Ritchie
Michael G. Lutz, Lodge #5 Phila


Tommy and Marie-Claire MacCrory
Jim & Carol MacDonald
Robert and Gail MacFarland Charitable Remainder Unitrust
Mr. and Mrs. Allen B. Macomber
Mr. Stephen G. MacRae
Ms. Rosemary Macrie
Maddock Douglas, Inc.
William and Annie McCain Madonia
Scott Magargee III
Sean Maher, FreshFly
Mr. Nicholas J. Maiale
George & Connie Majoros
Ms. Linda S. Maldonado
Mr. Robert A. Malmud
Malvern Prepatory School
Ms. Laura M. Manchester
The Mandel Family
Mr. Mark Mannion
Kathy and Joe Manzo
Ms. Maura Manzo
Ms. Vivian Marchak
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew C. Marek
Mr. and Mrs. William K. Marimow
Mr. Albert Marino
Mary Ellen Markovcy
Marlin Leasing Corporation
Karen and Dennis Marlo
Glen and Barbara Marshall
Steve Martindale ’58
Mr. Charles E. Mather III
Nancy and R. Earle Matlack Jr.
Timothy and Melissa Matson
Ms. Rosalie C. Matzkin
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Maurizi
Susan & Richard Maxwell
Kurt & Shawn Mayer
Ellen Mayock and Patrick Bradley
Mr. Matthew Mayock
Mr. Michael F. Mayock Jr.
Kevin and Linda McAllister
Ms. Nancy McBrearty
Mr. and Mrs. Andy McBryan
McCabe Family
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey R. McCandless
McCarthy Real Estate
Mr. and Mrs. James F. McCarthy
Ms. Veronica McCarty
Ms. Susan C. McClellan
Mr. Jim McClelland
Mr. and Mrs. John A. McCloskey
Joseph C. McCloskey Charitable Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. McCloskey
Ms. Irene E. McCool
Mr. and Mrs. Martin J. McCormick Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Sean A. McCracken
Ms. Elizabeth McCullough
Mr. Kevin J. McDermott
Ms. Ann P. McGeary
John and Annie McGeary
Ms. Pamela K. McGlashen
Mr. Michael McGuinness
Mr. and Mrs. Michael T. McInnes
Seulky McInneshin Ph.D.
Mr. William B. McIntyre Jr.
Mr. James A. McKinney
Mr. Patrick McLaughlin
Ms. Janice E. McMillen
Ms. Fayetta McMillion-Jones
Ms. Rebecca McNeff
Evie and John McNiff
Mr. and Mrs. John P. McShea III
Ms. Anna T. Meadows
Ms. Roberta Meek
Ms. Vicki Meek
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Mehaffey
Ms. Deborah Meland
Ms. Karen Melikian
The Melnick Family
Mr. Larry K. Mendenhall
The Menziuso Family
Merc Bros Pizzeria
Merck Foundation c/o Cybergrants, Inc.
Mericle Commercial Real Estate Services
Ms. Barbara Merriweather
George & Dorothy Meyer Jr.
Mr. Michael M. Meyer
Ms. Julie Mezrow
Mr. Joseph Micaletti
Miele Manufacturing Inc.
Mill Creek Elementary School
Candice and Brandon Miller
Ms. Donna Miller
Ms. Maryellen Miller
Mr. Michael Miller
The John N. Miller, Jr. Family
Jethro and Renata Miller
Walter Milner
Mr. Peter R. Minear
Francis J. Mirabello and Marianna O. Mirabello
Ms. Jodie Lee Mitchell-Beach
Mr. and Mrs. Shane Moes
Erin Moeser
Ms. Antoinette Molinaro and Ms. Danielle Massina
Montco Gym
Ms. C. C. Moore
Marlene and Mathias Moorehead
Michael Mooreville M.D.
Ms. Lynette Moragne
Ms. Belinda W. Morgan-Kent
Gregory and Hilary Morris
Mr. and Mrs. James J. Morris
Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Samantha J. Morris
Mr. Guy R. Moscato
Ms. Susan Mosier
Mr. Laurence Moskowitz
Barbara Galloway Mosley
Jordan Mosley
Ms. Phyllis Moss
Mother Bethel A.M.E. Church
Mr. and Mrs. Bryan L. Mott
Ms. Elsa Mueller
Mr. Keith Mui
Mr. and Mrs Joseph F. Mullen
David and Marthe Gump Murray
Robert E. Murray
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Musumeci
Mutual of America Foundation
John & Maggie Myers
Ms. Patricia A. Mynaugh


Mr. Nathaniel Naisby
Syed A. Naseeruddin
National Association of University Women, Inc.
National Financial Services LLC
Daniel and Gail Nauman
Mr. Andrew R. Nehrbas
Ms. Patricia Nelson
Ms. Sondra A. Nelson
Mr. Steve Netsky
Network For Good
Ms. Annika Neudecker
The New York Community Trust
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Newborn
Ms. Marilyn Newton
Wipfli LLP (John Nihill)
Ms. Nancy Nolan
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Nolan
Shawn and Meg Nolan
Nona and Grandpa Joe
Mr. Peter Noneman
Northeast Building Products
Northland Floral Inc.
Jeffrey & Kate Norton
Mr. Kenneth B. Novick
Mr. Bryan V. Nuesca
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Nyman


Bruce and Deborah Oakley
Mr. Matthew O’Brian
Mr. and Mrs. James O’Brien
Mr. Bruce E. Odessey
Dan & Linda O’Donnell
Mr. Robert O’Donnell
Mr. Michael O’Gara
O’Grady Family
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey W. Ogren
Ms. Amy Okazaki
The Okumus Family
Ms. Beth Olmstead
William J. & Maureen B. Olphert
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence J. O’Malley
OneHope Foundation
Mr. Brian Ong
The Edward and Helen Oppenheimer Foundation
Ms. Elsie Y. Oppenheimer
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew P. O’Reilly
Ms. Clare F. O’Reilly
The Oristaglio Family
Mr. Nicholas Orrick
Ms. Atsuko U. Orwat
Our Lady of the Sacred Heart, SASH CYO Account
Dolores Y. Owens


PA Center for Advance 2
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Packer Jr.
R. H. W. Page
Shirley A. Page
Biagina and Matteo Palesano
Mr. Mario Palumbi and Mrs. Maria Assunta Palumbi
Ms. Donna Parell
James Parker
Mr. and Mrs. Steven R. Parris
Jishava Patel
Marlene Patterson
Mr. Russell D. Paul
Douglas and Phyllis Paulin
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Paulson
Harold and Doris Peabody
Mr. Paul Peerboom
Brayden and Emily Peiffer
The Penn Mutual Life Insurance Company
Pennridge Women’s Network
Pennsylvania Trust
Sharon and Eric Perelman
The Perk
Perkasie Order Of Owls Nest #1224
Donald and Denise Perkins
Mr. Steve Perkiss
Mr. Michael H. Perlin and Mrs. Christine Perlin-Gump
Ms. Robbee Perlman
Mr. Britt Perry
Mr. Jeffrey C. Perry
R. Duane Perry and Arthur M. Kaplan
Mr. Jack Persico
Mr. Keith Petrus
The Pew Charitable Trusts
Ms. Kate Phelan
Susan and Paulding Phelps
Philadelphia Eagles, LLC
Phillies Charities, Inc.
Philly Unleashed, LLC
Photo Researchers, Inc.
Physicians for Social Responsibility
Mr. & Mrs. Andrea and Kevin Pivnick
Mr. Dominick Pizzullo
Mr. and Mrs. David Polatnick
Stacy and Jonathan Pollack
Jeffrey L. Pollock, M.D.
Mr. Mortimer Poncz
Port Richmond Savings Bank
Ms. Jacqueline Porter
Ms. Mindy Posoff and Ms. Marlene Olshan
Ms. Janet G. Potter
John & Kathleen Potts
D. G. and P. M. Pound
Mr. and Mrs. David N. Pratt
John Prendergast and Carole Bernstein
Chris Prier
Ms. Patricia Prieto
LAWsgiving Fund of the Princeton Area Community Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Donald B. Pritchard Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Pritika
Ms. Pamela Przybylski
Ms. Susan Puglisi
Mr. and Mrs. Mark C. Pulos
Harold W. Purcell


Mr. Hong Qu
Quanster II LLC DBA Title Boxing Club Philadelphia
Ms. Diana Quattrone
Ms. Tara M. Quinn


Race Roster USA Inc.
Amy and David Rafferty
Mr. Noel Ramirez
Mr. Pedro A. Ramos
Mr. Steve Ramphos and Mr. Jason Shinder
Ms. Cathleen Rash-Hill
Mr. and Mrs. Theo Ratliff
Razoo Foundation
The Joseph T. Razzano Family
Ms. Rae Robin L. Rearick
Ms. Kathryn T. Redmond
The Reed Family
Ms. Patricia Reed
Ms. Sheila G. Rees
Mr. Allen Reese & Joseph M. Hengel
Reese Family Fund
Mr. Jeffrey Regan
Ms. Laura Regnier
Thomas C. and Alice C. Reider
Tim Reilley
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Reilly III
Ms. Gloria F. Reisman
R. Scott Relick and Terri Lynn Relick
Renaissance Charitable Foundation
Request Italy
Dr. and Mrs. Michael A. Resnick
Ms. R. Linda Resnick and Mr. Stuart Levy
Juliana Feliciano Reyes
Carey and Sheryl Reynolds
Lisa and Vess Reynoldson
Rhino Sports & Leisure, LLC
David and Emma Rhodes
Marguerite H. Elias-Rice
John and Doris Rigas Family
Whitey and Becky Rigsby
E. Lynn Riley
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Ritchey
The Riverton Country Club
Riverton Steamboat Landing Foundation
Christine and Jon Robbins
Mr. Jody A. Roberts and Mrs. Carolyn M. Sewell Roberts
Pete & Judy Roberts
Mr. and Mrs. Walter D. Robertson
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Robertson
Ms. Carole N. Le Faivre Rochester
Rock Hill Design & Build
Mr. Sevgi Boke Rodan
Mr. Arthur E. Rodgers
Roz and Frank Romanoski
Mr. Alan Roseman
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Rosen
Liz Rosenberg
Phyllis Ann Rosenberg and Joyce I. Levy
Mr. and Mrs. Craig E. Rosenberger
Mr. Gerson Rosenbloom
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Rosenthal
Sheryl F. Roth
Mr. Zach Rothaus
Tina Rothery
RTD Financial Advisors, Inc.
Ruba Club
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin S. Rubenstein
Mr. Justin S. Rubenstein
George and Lorraine Rubin
Ms. Iris R. Rubinfield
Ms. Michelle Rubinson
Ms. Elizabeth C. Rucker
Ms. Jill S. Rucker
Ms. Pamela Rudman
Ms. Alicia C. Rudolph
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Rudolph
Mr. Thomas F. Ruggieri
Larry & Lynn Ruocco
Ms. Stephanie G. Russell
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Ryan
Ms. Katharine M. Ryan-Tadley
Mr. Joseph W. Rydzewski, Sr. and Mrs. Susanne Wright Rydzewski


Ms. Gail Sabatino
Mr. and Mrs. Greg L. Sabatino
Mrs. Mary T. Sablich
Mr. Joseph R. Sackey Jr.
Ms. Michele Saland and Mr. Stephen Kalstein
Salem Baptist Church of Jenkintown
Ms. Caryl Salters
Ms. Amy Sams
Marta Sanchez Dallam
Ms. Kristi Santiago
Mr. Francis J. Santo and Mrs. Susan Berglund Santo
Dr. Steven D. Saris
Mrs. Betsy Bills Sathra
Mr. Jeffrey Saunders
Mr. Thomas C. Saylor
Bernie and Elizabeth Schaffer
Ms. Charlotte A. Schatz
Letta Schatz
Mr. and Mrs. Steven R. Scheule
Paul & Cheryl Schlenker
Stephen & Karen Schlichter
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Schmit
Ms. Jeanette Schmitz
Mr. Michael D. Schneider
Ms. Victoria Schow
E. Frederick and Joy Schrader
Ms. Rebecca Schulman
Schultz Law LLC
Mr. Mark C. Schultz
Ms. Deborah A. Schuman
Schuylkill River Heritage Area
Schwab Fund for Charitable Giving
Ms. Staci Schwartz
The Scholl Family
Craig and Kimberly Scott
Ms. Grace Scott
Ms. Patricia Scott
Mrs. D. Gerald Scott (Suzanne)
Sea Box Inc.
Dashiell Sears
Ms. Sharon Segal
Mr. Michael Seidman
Arthur & Andra Seidner
Richard G. Selbst, M.D.
Steven and Andrea Selbst
Ms Eva Sender
Ms. Mary Seng
Ms. Linda Senker
Ser Building Associates Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Howard S. Serota
Mr. and Mrs. Philip E. Servus
Antoinette Farrar Seymour
Barry and Jody Seymour
Mr. Ian Shabinsky
Thomas Shabinsky
Ms. Jennifer Shaftel
Mr. John Shaji
Ohev Shalom Men’s Club
Mr. Joseph A. Shannon
Mr. Douglas S. Shapiro and Julie Scott
Mr. Howard Shapiro
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Shapiro
Ms. Janet Sharkey
The E. Rhoda Shaten Charitable Foundation
Dominique Shemtov
Ms. Sarah Sherman Poncz
Wendy and Mike Sherman
John J. Shields Jr.
Ms. Mary Shields
Mr. Richard Shorin
The Shotz Family
Dr. Myrna B. Shure
Mr. and Mrs. Faruq Mahmud Anam Siddiqui
Jamie and Scott Siegal
Ms. Jane Siegel
Joel Siegel
Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Alpha Eta Sigma Chapter
Mr. Gordon Silver
Susan Silverstein & Pamela Gross
Sunil Singh
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald A. Sinni
Sarah C. Sinni
Sisters of Mercy of The Americas Mid-Atlantic Community Inc.
Sixsmith’s Sporting Goods, Inc.
Paul & Donna Skinner
Mr. and Mrs Scott A. Slagel
Allan Sluizer and Roberta Agre
Jonne and Corey Smith
Dr. J Otis Smith
Ms. Jonne K. Smith
Ms. Livia H. Smith and Ms. Alice M. Hall
Bill & Maggie Smith
Mr. William S. Smith
Ms. Racquelle N. Snow
Cheryl Snyder
The Snyder Family
Society Hill Playhouse Center for the Performing Arts, Inc.
Soft Integration Inc.
Adam and Heather Soloff
Mr. Jeffrey Sorkin
Ms. Kimberly Spacek
Mr. Gerald L. Spearman and Mr. Allen J. Sterwalt
Mr. Anthony Spells Sr.
Harley Spry and Joan W. Spry Benef
Jay A. & Martha S. Squaresky
St. Helena Church
Stand By Systems II, Inc.
State Farm Insurance
Mr. Brett Statman
Status Building Solutions of Philadelphia, Holbon Holdings, LLC
Stephania A. Steed
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey L. Steen
Mr. and Mrs. Justin Steen
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Steidle, II
Mr. Arthur Steiger
Mr. Ben Stein
Ms. Peggy Stelle
Helen Stephan
Cassandra and Ronald Stephenson
Ms. Kathleen Stephenson
Steppingstone Scholars, Inc.
Ms. Anne Saris Stevenson
Mr. Larry A. Stewart
Mr. Mark Stewart
Ms. Patricia T. Stewart
Maureen R. Stirling
Keren Sofer and Andrew Stober
Ms. Maxine Stotland
Ms. Christine Stoughton
Carmen Key Stratford
Carl and Kathleen Stratton
Ms. Mary Lee Straub
Mr. Arthur Strauss
William and Elizabeth Streit
Mr. Timothy J. Stretch
Ms. Kristyn M. Stricker
Mr. Stuart Strikowsky
Ms. Caitlin Strunk
Mr. and Mrs. Trevor A. Strunk
Suelle Corporation/Joan Shepp
Ms. Katherine J. Sullivan
Siddhant Surresh
Mr. Stephen B. Swartz
Mr. and Mrs. David Sweeney
Ms. Shirley Swerdloff
Robert Szwajkos Esq.


Tabakin Wolf Injury Lawyers
Rafael and Alicia Tamargo
Ms. JoAnne Tarnoff
Hal Tarr
Mr. Kirk Tate
Tavistock Country Club
Ms. Abby P. Taylor
Ms. Jean Taylor and Ms. Karen Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Taylor
TD Charitable Foundation
Dr. Geoffrey Teehan
Mr. Gregory Ter-Zakhariants
Claudia M. Tesoro & Richard K. Greenstein
Mr. Kenneth M. Tholan
Ms. Susan B. Thomas
Ms. Victoria Thomas
Ms. Billi Thompson
Mr. Alexander Tighe
Doug Kaden and Merritt Tilney
Mr. Greg Toates
Anne S. Tobey and Peter J. Schoenbach
Mr. and Mrs. Brain G. Todic
Michael and Mindy Tofias
Mr. Stephen Tolbert
Mr. Frank Tow
Mr. Toby Towson
Mr. Andrew Toy
Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. Toy
Ms. Patricia R. Toy
Nate Trager
Transition Network Inc — Philadelphia
Ms. Viola B. Tribbey
Ms. Gail H. Trimble
Dr. John Q. Trojanowski and Dr. Virginia M. Y. Lee
Bao and Linda Truong
Mr. Nolan Tully
Venkata and Vasishta Tumuluri
Ms. Sherrie B. Turetsky
Mr. Wayne Turett
Robert and Drema Turner
Frederick R. Turoff
Mrs. Ellie Meek Tweedy and Mr. David Tweedy


Mr. and Mrs. Francis O. Udicious
UHS of Delaware, Inc.
Union Packaging, LLC
United Way of Greater Philadelphia & Southern New Jersey
Univest Foundation
Ms. Dee Uprichard
U-TH Fitness Corporation


Christopher Van De Velde
Tom & Winkie Vander Neut
Mr. Peter VanDo
The Mary Ida Vandross Beneficiary Trust
Vanguard Charitable
Victory Brewing Company, LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Vignone
Susan Vineberg
Sandi and Jim Viscusi
VNA of Greater Philadelphia
Ms. Cecelia Vo
Mr. Kenny Vo
Judith M. von Seldeneck
Bud & Dottie Vye


Peggy Wachs
Ms. Diane Waff
Mr. Christopher A. Wagner
Robin Wagner-Pacifici and Maurizio Pacifici
David & Mailee Walker
Mr. Guillermo Madzimoyo Walker
Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Walker
Mr. and Mrs. Eliot M. Wallack
Wallingford Family Dental, LLC
Mr. James Wartenberg
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon M. Wase
Christine J. Washington
Ms. Lottie Washington
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Watson
Mrs. Elizabeth Weal and Mr. Bruce A. Hodge
Elizabeth Weaon and Bruce Hodge
Ms. Donna R. Wechsler
Mrs. Lee C. Wei
Ms. Linda Wei
Ernest and Jutta Weiler
Mr. Daniel Weis
Wells Fargo
Ms. Joan Kerr Facey Wells
Ms. Mary Sue Welsh
Mr. and Mrs. Chad Wenhold
Ms. Susan W. West
Mr. Eric Wetlaufer
Ms. Judi Wexler
Ms. Lauren Wexler
Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Whealton
Edward & Marjorie Whelan
Robert S. Whelan
Mr. and Mrs. Warren W. White
Ms. Karen Wilcox
Mr. and Mrs. Norman T. Wilde Jr.
Suzan Willcox
William Penn Foundation
A. Morris Williams, Jr.
Mr. Brendan Williams
Scott & Fran Williams
Ms. Gertrude S. Williams
Ms. Lisa Y. Williams
Ms. Valerie Williams
Sherrie Willner
Wilmington Country Club
Ms. Beulah T. Wilson
Mr. Michael G. Wilson
Dilys Winegrad
Ms. Elizabeth Witts
Mr. Matthew Wong
Teresa and Kenneth Wood
Woodcock Design Inc.
Eric & Susan Woolf
Jill B. and Jeff Workman
Ms. Candice Wright
Ms. Carole Wright
Chance Wu
Wyncote Foundation
Mr. Ed Yakuchev
Ms. Marsha F. Yankelev
Friends from the WORC Family
Mr. and Mrs. Melvin K. Yim


Yoga Home
Ms. Caroline N. York
Ms. Hitomi Yoshida
Lillian Youman
Mr. and Mrs. Sidney W. Young
YourCause, LLC Trustee for Vanguard
Ms. Katherine Yun


Mr. and Mrs. Edward Zavrel
Mr. and Mrs. Scott E. Zeller
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert A. Zemble
Zeta Omicron Lambda Chapter, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.
April Zhang
Ye Zhang
Mr. Bruce Zimet
Mr. Wayne Zukin

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