Civic 50 Greater Philadelphia 2022 Honoree Spotlight: AmeriHealth Caritas

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Having participated in the Civic 50 for a second time, how have you incorporated your Civic 50 results into bettering your CSR program?

Since the company’s founding, 40 years ago, AmeriHealth Caritas associates have helped through volunteerism and mentoring, and philanthropic giving; outreach efforts that go beyond the provision of health care benefits and services.

The AmeriHealth Caritas Community Investment team connects 8,600 employees to opportunities that help to build healthy communities: supporting non-profit partners through a formalized volunteer and mentoring program and an annual associate fundraising campaign through Giving Together for the Community. In 2022, AmeriHealth Caritas partnered with 2,000 non-profit organizations – locally and nationally – to make a difference.

In 2022, 7,000 individuals participated in The Healthy Hoops ® signature health program that uses basketball as a platform to provide a fun, active learning environment for children ages 3 to 18. Power of Partnerships events bring together community leaders and organizations to explore how to connect individuals in need to community resources, and the Health Empowerment Tour is a customized program that educates the communities on topics such as diabetes, heart health, obesity, medication adherence, and mental health.

As AmeriHealth Caritas continues to grow and expand it’s national footprint, the CSR programs become increasingly more important in gaining entry into new markets.


  • AmeriHealth Caritas uses the Civic 50 honoree status in promotional content to emphasize the importance of these efforts.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility attracts talent to the company and helps to retain associates.
  • Supports efforts to build and establish community partnerships.


How has your company adapted in the last year to the changing needs of our community?

In a post-pandemic environment, CSR offerings have grown and thrived with the highest outcomes in volunteerism
and giving to date for AmeriHealth Caritas:

What would you share with a company that is debating whether to take the Civic 50 Greater Philadelphia next year?

The Civic 50 Greater Philadelphia provides a regional standard for corporate citizenship. Regardless of size, it showcases how companies can use their time, skills, and resources to drive social impact within the company and across the region. The community created through the Civic 50 Greater Philadelphia provides a platform to learn and innovate towards progress.

Across the board, community engagement was integrated into business functions, with the highest percentage in workplace DEI programs and marketing and PR. Share one or two examples how your company has led in this field.

AmeriHealth Caritas’s Care Crew volunteer and mentoring program had the highest outcomes to date. The program has a 10 percent weight in the company’s Enterprise Business Incentive Plan, which is used to measure the company’s annual impact in several areas including, volunteerism. In order to meet this goal, 45 percent of associates must register and record four hours of volunteer time. The Care Crew team exceeded the goal by more than 20 percent! Care Crew touches all aspects of the company, and works closely with the Associate Resource Groups to promote and engage associates with volunteerism.