Civic 50 Greater Philadelphia 2022 Honoree Spotlight: Econsult Solutions

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Describe the main initiative(s) of your CSR program:

The primary manifestation of our CSR program is the work we do, day in and day out, to provide solutions to our clients. Our work is either for the public sector or for an entity in its interface with the public sector. So while we are accountable to our clients, we also play a broader public role to provide substance and insight on contemporary issues. We are honored to serve our clients and educate the public in ways that provide clarity to otherwise contentious debates to advance our communities in a sustainable and equitable manner.

Furthermore, very often we offer discounted pricing to or accept in-kind compensation from our not-for-profit clients, as a way to further invest in efforts that yield a better and more just society. We have found that this “north star” approach to our work creates significant value for our clients. And, it engages and energizes our employees, who are eager to work on and contribute to values-led projects. Ultimately, while we are a for-profit company, we define our success as doing work we can be proud of, that lifts up our clients and that advances our community. This creates a commitment to excellence and civic-mindedness that we are proud to stand by.

What are some of the key learning you gained, through participation in the Civic 50 Greater Philadelphia?

We are proud to be a two-time member of the Civic 50 Greater Philadelphia, particularly as it has put us in the company of so many other admirable employers. Being educated and motivated by them has been an amazing learning experience for our firm, even as it creates some discomfort when it is revealed how far we fall short in so many ways when compared to such a high-achieving peer group. Creating a community of like-minded employers who can gain inspiration and insight from each other, and who can push each other to greater impact is one of the greatest benefits of the Civic 50 Greater Philadelphia. Whether the benchmarks are innovative ideas or quantitative performance levels, they challenge us to do better and to be better.

What would you share with a company that is debating whether to take the Civic 50 Greater Philadelphia next year?

We have been delighted to participate and to win, so we strongly encourage others to do this. The exercise is a healthy one for internal purposes to see how you stack up in different facets of being civically minded. Those fortunate enough to win then receive significant external benefits by becoming part of such an impressive peer group. It is a process and a platform worth engaging in.