Civic 50 Greater Philadelphia 2022 Honoree Spotlight: Slalom

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Describe the main initiative(s) of your CSR program.

At Slalom, we help people and organizations dream bigger, move faster, and build better tomorrows for all. This is the core of who we are and what drives our CSR programming. We have centered our impact plans around three core pillars: Our Planet, Our Community Goals, and Our People. As a company working toward better tomorrows for all, we fully support the UN Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs), which were presented in 2015 as a shared global blueprint for prosperity. Our sustainability and impact goals align with the UN SDGs, as we believe it is our corporate responsibility to advance them.

Each year, Slalom actively works toward goals that include collaborating with customers and partners to create a more equitable, inclusive, and sustainable world; reflecting the racial/ethnic diversity of our community by or before the end of 2030; and contributing our expertise, time, and money to reduce inequalities in communities around the world. Our Philadelphia employee resources groups and team members support organizations locally to further our work within these pillars. For example, Slalom Women runs workshops with TechGirlz to promote STEM education for middle school-age girls, our LGBTQ+ employee resource group creates internal and external programming on education and allyship, and we honor Black History Month with celebratory and educational month-long programming. At Slalom, we strive to ensure our people feel a strong sense of inclusion, belonging, and engagement to where we live and work.

What are some of the key learnings you gained, through participation in the Civic 50 Greater Philadelphia?

Through Slalom’s participation in The Civic 50 Greater Philadelphia Assessment, we have been able to continually revisit our local strategic initiatives that drive our global CSR impact and make purposeful programming changes to continue forward. Through our community volunteer efforts, pro bono client engagements, and local fundraising efforts and donations, we’ve been able to encourage our employees to give back in meaningful ways to the Philadelphia community. The Civic 50 Greater Philadelphia helps highlight where our local employees have narrowed in on programming that means the most to them.

Our sustainability center of excellence has aligned with Slalom’s goals to reduce waste across all offices. This team has continued to implement various waste reduction programs, including composting and recycling, as we strive to achieve 100% participation in these programs across our physical spaces. Another strong area of interest for our team members is growing the endowment of the Slalom Foundation to make impactful grants in the future for our local communities. This includes our employees tapping into our Social Equality Initiative (SEI) grant program, which calls on our team members to nominate local not-for-profit organizations to receive grants in support of their work addressing education and economic disparities faced by individuals in underrepresented communities.

What would you share with a company that is debating whether to take the Civic 50 Greater Philadelphia next year?

The Civic 50 Greater Philadelphia Assessment provides an opportunity to examine Slalom’s local impact in alignment with our global CSR pillars while giving us an additional benchmark from an external source to show growth year after year. The assessment has also allowed us to gain a deeper understanding of how our efforts align with other organizations of similar size and organizational capacity as we continue to develop our CSR programming. Furthermore, the assessment allows us to meet with other local organizations on their CSR initiatives and drives true and meaningful connections as we all work to create better tomorrows for all.